High Bandwidth Streaming over Cellular Networks with HSPA

Moxa’s next generation of cellular routers and gateways have been engineered with HSPA, at last bringing upload speeds high enough to provide live video-streaming over cellular networks. With the OnCell 5004/5104-HSPA cellular routers and OnCell G3110/3150-HSPA cellular IP gateways, the skips and frozen frames commonly found in video uplinks on GPRS, EDGE, and HSDPA networks may now be eliminated. The line potentially delivers 5.7 Mbps of high-quality, uninterrupted video streaming. Along with the benefits of HSPA broadband standards, the OnCell-HSPA Series has also been designed with the same rugged characteristics of its predecessors, ensuring an industrial-grade durability that withstands the worst of harsh environments.

Opening the Door to the Next Generation of Video Surveillance

The new HSPA standard is the latest advance by mobile broadband providers as they continue to strive for ever-higher upload rates. Theoretically, HSPA can deliver 5.7 Mbps for industrial devices, making it now feasible for mobile devices to stream live video, opening the door to a whole new range of video surveillance applications. Here are a few of the possibilities already being explored:

Live Monitoring on Police Dashcams via HSPA Cellular IP Gateways
Police dashcam recorders have long been used by law enforcement agencies both to protect police officers while keeping them publically accountable. Now, with the OnCell G3110-HSPA, Moxa’s HSPA enabled cellular IP gateways, high-quality surveillance footage can be viewed in a live stream, instead of after the fact. As an IP camera captures images, an HSPA enabled IP gateway may directly stream the footage to the remote control center over the cellular network. In dispatching terms alone, law enforcement agencies can gain an unprecedented situational awareness through the deployment of the OnCell-HSPA Series.
Railway Monitoring Backups via HSPA Cellular Routers
In railway applications, redundant wireless communication channels are highly preferred to ensure the highest possible reliability; the improved upload speeds of HSPA make this a very easy and cost-effective method. If there is a break in the WLAN connection or in the trackside network, operators at the control center can still have live access to all onboard video feeds through the cellular network. In such applications, the IP camera connects directly to an OnCell 5104-HSPA, Moxa HSPA enabled cellular router, through to a WLAN client. The network devices will transmit all video feeds simultaneously over completely separate, redundant frequency bands to provide sufficient backup for the existing WLAN network.
Live Traffic Monitoring via HSPA
Cellular IP-Gateways

Due to the enormously high cost of wiring CCTV over Ethernet for roadside surveillance, urban and transportation planners have found it impossible to saturate thoroughfares with traffic cameras. HSPA now provides a new option which eliminates the need for wiring highways, to instead transmit video streams over already existing cellular networks. By simply connecting the IP camera directly to the OnCell G3110-HSPA, Moxa’s cellular IP gateway, remote control centers may instantly receive live video feeds for that location. Moreover, the potential cost savings makes it feasible to deploy these stations in greater numbers and over greater distances, to reach remote and overlooked locations.
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