Adapt to Your Edge-to-Core Networking Needs

Moxa’s broad switch portfolio facilitates three-layer hierarchical network deployment—from top to bottom, and from the core layer to the distribution and edge layers. This level by level design helps evaluate specific demands for each layer, making it easier for customers to choose and select devices that provide their infrastructure with optimum performance and scalability to adapt to any network changes or needs.

extreme scalability and performance Extreme Scalability

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches offer a superior price performance ratio to implement fast changing network needs. Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches support 10GbE, 1 GbE, and 10/100 Mbps speeds with modular copper, fiber, or SFP/SFP+ port combinations for maximum flexibility and scalability.

extreme scalability and performance Resilience and Reliability

The unique value of Moxa's industrial Ethernet products comes from a non-stop network operation through industrial designs of proven reliability, seamless integrated security, and unsurpassed price-to-performance ratio.

Designing a reliable industrial Ethernet network between field RTUs and SCADA hosts relies primarily on redundant technologies. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches support highly resilient Turbo Ring topology and Turbo Chain technology, both which enable self-healing redundant connections with sub-20 ms recovery times at a full load of 250 Ethernet switches. Moxa’s products also feature dual redundant VAC/VDC power inputs to ensure high availability of process control networks.

Click & Find by eSelector Click & Find by Product Selector

Moxa now offers an online selector to make it easy for customers to select from the wide number of options for bandwidth capability, port density, media, routing/switching intelligence, power sources and so on. Along with Moxa’s extensive industry-standard certifications, we can fulfill your precise network requirements.   Moxa online product selector
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Leading Performance
World’s first 4x10GbE industrial Ethernet switches
Over 500 products for complete scalability from edge to core
High Availability
Whitepaper Download: A New Recovery System Beyond Ethernet Redundant Ring Technology Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms @ 250 switches) and RSTP/STP for network redundancy
Dual power inputs and dual firmware images protection
Hot swappable operation
Network Intelligence
Whitepaper Download: Industrial Network Management: Finding the Perfect Solution MXview industrial NMS live topology-view management
L2/L3 efficiency & intelligence
Network Security
LAN security with advanced L2 security features
VPN/firewall/router for device protection
Industrial-grade Reliability
Completely fanless design
Wide temperature tolerance
Diverse industry certifications
Solid 5-year warranty
Consultant Services
contact PiNS Dedicated PiNS (professional industrial networking services)
Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet SwitchesEdge-to-core Industrial Ethernet Switches
Core Layer: 10GbE High Bandwidth Industrial Core Switches
Full Gigabit Layer 2/Layer 3
Up to 4 10GbE ports
Up to 24 or 48 1GbE connections
Rugged, fanless design
Absolutely non-stop operation
Designed for large-scale applications
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Distributor Layer: Industrial Modular DIN-Rail and Rackmount Switches

Full Gigabit Layer 2/Layer 3
Up to 24 Gigabit connections
High port density (> 19 ports)
Flexibility with modular design
Ideal for control room and outdoor cabinet operations
IPv6-compliant for next-generation Internet compatibility
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Edge Layer: Compact, Standalone/Modular DIN-Rail Switches

Widest selection of switches: from 5 to 19 ports, Fast Ethernet to Full Gigabit Ethernet, managed to unmanaged, PoE to PoE+
Best price-to-performance ratio
Advanced Layer 2 networking capability
IPv6 compliant for next-generation Internet compatibility
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Specific Solution for Mission Critical Applications Industrial Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

Moxa has a wide array of industry-proven products and solutions developed to meet the most stringent industry standards and requirements in the world. Moxa’s industry-leading features are rooted in long-term collaboration and partnership with our knowledgeable customers and together we’ve implemented countless solid networking infrastructures with high reliability performance, availability, security, and safety. We welcome any of your requirements for they might just become the next innovative development in the industry.

2011-2012 Industrial Ethernet Brochure
Moxa 2011 Industrial Ethernet Brochure Moxa 2011 Industrial Ethernet Brochure


  Specific Solution for Mission Critical ApplicationsSolution Index
Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet switches
IEC 61850-3 Ethernet switches
EN 50155 / M12 Ethernet switches
PoE switches
Ethernet-to-fiber media converters
Firewall/VPN secure routers
Wireless Ethernet AP/bridge/clients
Industrial Ethernet gateways
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