Enhanced Cyber Security, Unaffected Data Speed

Industrial automation networks are becoming more interconnected and network security is now an extremely high priority. However, industrial secure routers that protect control networks can compromise data speed because they need to take time to process and filter communications. This creates serious problems for time-critical and bandwidth-hungry applications, such as video surveillance.

Automation network administrators are asking: “How do I maintain non-stop data even when cyber security is installed?” In fact, strong network security doesn't need to weigh down network performance. Moxa's Gigabit-performance secure router helps you enhance cyber security throughout the automation network while still maintaining smooth data transmission. The key features include:

  • Up to 500 Mbps throughput for fast, real-time communication
  • VPN/Firewall/NAT to secure remote access and protect critical field devices
  • Built-in PacketGuard™ function that performs deep inspection of Modbus TCP.
  • Comprehensive solutions, including EDR-810, the multi-port secure router with L2 switching

Why Moxa?

Gigabit Performance Multi-Layer Cyber Security PacketGuard™ Technology
The EDR series is a Gigabit performance industrial secure router with high bandwidth to support data hungry applications without compromising on the network security.
Whatever the scale of your automation network, Moxa's complete secure router portfolio includes an ideal cyber security solution that provides VPN or firewall protection for field sites, function zones, or devices.
PacketGuard technology gives Moxa's EDR series secure routers the ability to perform deep Modbus TCP protocol inspection. This exclusive technology makes it easy to create secure Ethernet Fieldbus networks that run Modbus TCP.
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