Robust and Reliable Data Acquisition

Building robust solutions for demanding applications that call for reliable operation under harsh environmental conditions requires a strong combination of design expertise, proven components, and thorough testing. Moxa’s approaches to robust data acquisition solutions, including industrial grade components selection, strict environmental testing, and extra I/O protection, are designed to protect a system against performance degradation or even system failure caused by harsh environments.


Extended temperature testing

Moxa’s extended temperature testing evaluates the performance of systems under extreme environments. Tests include both design validations and production validations with system running to ensure reliable performance in mission-critical applications under extreme and rapidly changing temperatures.

  • High Testing Standard: Tests are run at 5ºC colder and 5ºC warmer than specified temperature range with the system running
  • Extreme Environmental Testing: Tests are run with rapid temperature changes at 3ºC per minute with the system running
  • Extended Test Duration: Design phase: >150 hours with various environmental test items; production phase= 40 hours with the system running


Vibration and shock testing and design

Reliable operation in a high-vibration environment requires strict vibration testing and special design to counteract the anticipated impact of vibration. Moxa performs vibration testing in accordance with IEC 60068-2-64 testing procedures that specifically test PSD, frequencies, axes, test curves and test time. Testing is performed with vibration simulator equipment that can perform vibration tests for the X/Y as well as Z-axis. For long-term exposure to vibration and shock in railway applications, Moxa follows EN 50155 standards to ensure stable data transmission on moving vehicles (ioPAC 8500, ioPAC 5500, and ioLogik E1500 series only). Since vibration and shock resistance also requires special design, Moxa’s patented DIN rail, spring type terminal block, and M12 Ethernet connectors also provide additional shock and vibration absorption.


I/O channel isolation design

Moxa provides its data acquisition devices with superior I/O channel isolation protection. Two-way isolation (up to 3000 VDC) between I/O channels and the network helps prevent damage to other connected devices when either network devices or I/O sensors are damaged by over-voltage or
over-current. For applications where lightning strikes are the major risks, Moxa’s channel- to- channel isolation design provides the most robust protection against electrical surges (ioLogik E1500 series only). With this design, each digital input channel on the
device is individually isolated from current surge.

Conformal coating services

Moxa provides conformal coating services with strict coating and inspection processes to help customers construct more reliable and rugged data acquisition solutions. Acrylic resin and silicon coating form a firm, abrasion-resistant surface that is both flexible and easy to repair. All conformal coated products are tested and inspected in accordance with the strict IPC-A-610D standard under black light. Moreover, the thickness is conformed to IPC-CC-830 SR type requirements.