Integrated Passenger Information Solution for Rail

Integrated control and management platform:

The ioPAC RTU controller not only combines serial, I/O, and Ethernet interfaces into a single device, it also supports the C/C++ and IEC 61131-3 programming languages and ready-to-run services, including data logging and email alarms. Packing all of these great features into one device simplifies system development, reduces the amount of maintenance required, and improves service and network reliability.


Efficient Automatic Carriage Sequencing (ACS):

Older train systems run on a daisy-chain network topology based on either CANbus or RS-485. When it comes time to switch to an IP-based network on the refurbished train, duplicating the automatic carriage sequencing function is not easy to do. Moxa gets around this challenge by building support for ACS functions directly into the new IP network, greatly reducing the effort required by the system integrator.


2-wire Ethernet technology:

A refurbished train may only have a limited number of coupler poles, even when the entire existing network, which could include wiring that supported RS-485, CANbus, and other technologies, is removed. Moxa’s 2-wire Ethernet technology offers system integrators the option to upgrade to an IP network based on the existing system, thereby further reducing the cost and effort associated with other applications. Furthermore, 2-wire Ethernet supports Ethernet bypass functionality, ensuring that the Ethernet backbone is still available even when one carriage shuts down.

Limited number of coupler poles