Smart Cellular Remote Monitoring Solution

Fine data precision for rapid, efficient accuracy

Moxa's ioPAC 5542 RTUs offer 250 Hz-level sampling rates on analog inputs, giving engineers the sampling precision they need to correctly analyze events. In addition, the analog input pre-record feature allows ioPAC 5542 RTUs to continuously record analog input data and log conditions that both lead in to as well as follow an event trigger point, for much improved data completeness.

Sustainable system reliability, even in harsh environments

Compliant with UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2 for harsh environments as well as the EN 50121-4 standard for electromagnetic compatibility, ioPAC 5500 RTU controllers are well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications. The ioPAC 5500 series also features temperature tolerance for extremes from -40 to 75°C (-30 to 75°C for HSPA models), and come in a sturdy metal case that not only extends product lifetime, but also aids in heat dissipation and cooling.

Simplify data integration with Moxa’s OPC and data gateway software

Moxa’s ioPAC 5500 RTU controllers come with Moxa’s patented Active OPC Server and DA-Center software. Active OPC server adds a non-polling architecture to the standard OPC protocol, giving users the advantage of active, push-based communications that start at edge controllers and travel back to the SCADA system. DA-Center provides a standard OPC interface that integrates with Moxa Active OPC Server for real-time data collection. The interface acts as bridge between field data and IT databases or spreadsheets, and provides a trend charting tool for better historical analysis. The combination of Active OPC Server and DA-Center gives rapid data delivery while ensuring full data integrity.

Easy deployment for distributed monitoring applications

Moxa’s ioPAC 5500 Series RTU controllers are compact, standalone devices with two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports (featuring independent MACs, for convenient port trunking) and two 3-in-1 serial ports, making this RTU controller ideal for use in cabinets with limited space. ioPAC RTU controllers also come with Moxa’s DA-Center OPC data gateway software, which optimizes the collection and storage of real-time operational data, and now also RTUxpress, and now also RTUxpress, an intuitive offline configuration tool for device setup, service configuration, and tag generation.

Easy System Configuration and Maintenance with RTUxpress

Moxa’s ioPAC 8500 series RTU controllers are accompanied by an intuitive offline configuration tool: RTUxpress. RTUxpress has a user-friendly interface for device setup, tag management, and service configuration.