Smart Cellular Remote Monitoring Solution

RTUxpress makes device configuration easy

RTUxpress is an intuitive, user-friendly offline deployment tool for basic setup, tag management, and services configuration on Moxa's ioPAC 5500 RTU controllers. RTUxpress is provided free of charge, and may be upgraded as required, as new versions become available.

Configure ready-to-run services without APIs

Moxa’s ioPAC 5500 RTU controllers come with pre-scripted services for convenient configuration and programming. Programmers may utilize these pre-coded objects to efficiently configure our RTU controllers with the most common alarms, data logging, messaging, and control features, significantly reducing the time and effort needed for system deployment. Moxa’s RTUxpress utility allows programmers to rapidly configure the services they need and then upload the configuration file to any ioPAC 5500 on the network, reducing the configuration work of massively distributed deployments to a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Easily link I/O registers with services using TagEasy

Moxa’s innovative TagEasy implements tag-centric programming through RTUxpress, in which a “tag” links resources (DI, DO, AI, etc.) together locally triggered ready-to-run services like alarms, logging, active tags, and other active local events. For example, users can read a pre-defined DI tag to get channel status, or change the value of a pre-defined internal variable to trigger a logging service. From the point of view of the engineer responsible for programming, the focus has changed from incorporating lots of APIs to instead configuring simple tags. This change of focus greatly reduces the programming effort required when deploying or integrating new systems.

  • Easy to access I/O values
  • Easy to trigger services

Easy System Configuration and Maintenance with RTUxpress

Moxa’s ioPAC 5500 series RTU controllers are accompanied by an intuitive offline configuration tool—RTUxpress. RTUxpress has a user-friendly interface for device setup, tag management, and service configuration.