Smart I/O Solutions

User-Friendly Control Logic for Easy Programming
Moxa’s innovative data acquisition software helps businesses simplify the process of integrating I/O devices with an existing network, and the patented Click&Go plus™ front-end control logic makes it extremely easy for even novice users to program Moxa’s data acquisition products.
Programming-Free Click&Go Plus™
Control Logic
Simple IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules
With Moxa’s intuitive Click&Go IF-THEN-ELSE configuration format, even untrained engineers can finish an I/O configuration in only a few minutes.
Easy-to-use GUI
The new Click&Go Plus™ uses a graphical user interface that supports up to 48 rules, with further upgrades to 8 conditions or actions, 3 logic gates, and 3 multi-layers, allowing you build I/O solutions quickly and efficiently.
Configure Reay-to-Run Services without APIs
Moxa’s ioPAC 5500 programmable controllers allow programmers to rapidly configure the services they need and then upload the configuration file to any ioPAC on the network, reducing the configuration of massively distributed deployments to a few simple mouse clicks.
Tag Service for Easy Linking to I/O Registers
Moxa’s innovative tag service implements tag-centric programming through RTUxpress to reduce the programming effort required when deploying or integrating new systems. You can now read a pre-defined DI tag to get channel status, or change the value of a pre-defined internal variable to trigger a logging service.
Set up your system with just a few clicks
Click&Go Plus™ supports active alarms and various communication methods to make it extremely easy to integrate new devices with an existing monitoring system.
Standard functions include timer, definable schedule, and internal registers, and advanced functions include SNMP trap, email, and SMS.