Fieldbus Ethernet Solutions

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Integrate Field I/O Devices Directly to Ethernet

To optimize performance and process control monitoring, more and more factory operators expect seamless integration between field transducers or plant floor machines and central data services, with data pushed from plant floor systems to the IT network to provide asset information in real time. Moxa’s remote I/O solutions with Active Tag system and Free Active OPC Server can efficiently integrate factory floor production data to your ODBC database systems and reduce wiring issues and costs by directly integrating field devices to a central network.

Moxa also provides data integration software that makes it easy to deploy and manage plant floor conditions for more efficient, accurate, and complete data acquisition to optimize process control.

With Moxa’s remote I/O solutions, you can:

  • Easily integrate discrete and analog I/O to Modbus RTUs or Ethernet networks
  • Quickly and painlessly load firmware and configurations
  • Save time and wiring costs with peer-to-peer I/O communications over Ethernet

Modbus RTU Remote I/O

Modbus RTU Remote I/O
ioLogik E1200 Series
  • Configure I/O points to use Active Tags to send alerts in real time
  • 2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topologies
  • Easy mass deployment and configuration with ioSearch utility
  • Save time and wiring cost with peer-to-peer communication
  • User-defined Modbus/TCP addressing
  • Manage your device with SNMP

RS-485 remote I/O
ioLogik R1200 Series
  • Dual independent RS-485 bus remote I/O connections for redundancy or isolation
  • Supports the installation of multi-drop communication parameters
  • Load firmware and configuration files using only a USB thumb drive
  • Set up your device to allow dual independent Modbus RS-485 lines for redundancy
  • Set up device in Repeater mode to isolate your RS-485 communication drops

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