How to Select the Best Solution to Go Wireless

Additional Functions that Ensure Uninterrupted Communications

Various factors can affect the reliability of a cellular connection, including environmental interference, weak signal level, incorrect APN or GSM frequency band selection, or even disconnection from the base station. In addition, it's not easy to reboot all the cellular devices manually when they are widely distributed. What’s worse, sometimes operators are not aware of a disconnection until an accident occurs. To address the above issues, Moxa’s OnCell products come with GuaranLink to enable reliable, consistent connectivity.

Keeps checking current status to ensure the connection is live

GuaranLink ensures that the cellular connection will be kept alive, even if no data is being actively transmitted, by performing a DNS/Ping to the remote host.

Establishes a connection after rebooting

One of the GuaranLink functions ensures that OnCell devices can establish a connection after rebooting.