How IP-based Connectivity Saves Energy
Efficient and Faster Data Acquisition
To achieve energy savings, intelligent environment control systems need access to real-time data from factory devices. An important feature of any modern energy saving system is the ability to access information in real time. However, the fact that traditional OPC servers use polling to collect data from remote devices makes it difficult to collect data as quickly as necessary. Since a single system may need to monitor thousands of devices at many remote sites, polling can greatly increase the amount of time it takes to transfer data from remote sites to the control center.
With MX-AOPC UA Server built in, Moxa’s ioLogik products improve efficiency by actively sending event data to SCADA systems and IT databases—when the events occur. Not only is active I/O extremely efficient, your event data is delivered in real time, using minimal bandwidth. This is radically different from the polling architecture used by traditional OPC servers, in which your SCADA systems poll all of your I/O devices, all of the time. Polling not only takes a big bite out of your Ethernet bandwidth, you also need to tolerate time delays, since events are reported when the device is polled, not when the event occurs.