Moxa - How IP-Based Connectivity Saves Energy
How IP-based Connectivity Saves Energy
Efficient Installation and Deployment
One of the features of energy saving systems is that there could be huge numbers of I/O channels at field sites for monitoring lights, production lines, and environmental conditions, among other things. In addition, channel types for different applications could be different, and could include digital I/O, analog I/O, or temperature sensors (TC/RTD). Moreover, different I/O channels could be located at different sites within a factory, making it even harder for engineers to link remote devices to the SCADA system.
With Moxa’s ioLogik 2500, you can cascade up to 8 ioLogik E1200 modules into a versatile I/O array with more than 100 different channels. The ioLogik 2500 acts as the perfect head unit for controlling the entire I/O array, and only needs one IP address to connect the entire I/O array to your network.