How IP-Based Connectivity Saves Energy
Efficient I/O Configuration
Programming-free setup of I/O applications in 4 simple steps
An ideal energy saving system supports both centralized control and local control, in which control decisions are made independently at each remote field site location. When field site devices can play an active role in collecting data and issuing control commands, the energy consumption of the entire system can be optimized much more quickly.
Moxa’s new Click&Go Plus™ control logic provides front-end intelligent logic that allows engineers to configure I/O actions that depend on certain scenarios and what information is received. Click&Go Plus supports up to 48 rules with further upgrades to 8 conditions/actions, allowing you to build your I/O applications easily and efficiently—without writing a single line of code.
  • 1

    Set Up Correct I/O components
  • 2

    Create Software Components
  • 3

    C&G+ Logic
  • 4

    Run Simulatton