Smart Networks for Today’s Industrial IoT
As we step into the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) era, network reliability is still the first objective for automation systems. Given that a smart network infrastructure includes many networking devices, efficient network management and network reliability depend on device durability, connection redundancy, and cyber defense capability.
What Smart Networks Do For You:
Keep Your Automation Network Safe
Best-fit industrial firewall for the field
No Risk of Network Interruption
Moxa's EDR secure industrial routers provide Gigabit performance with high bandwidth to support data-hungry applications, but without compromising on network security.
Easy Deployment
Deploy cybersecurity on your automation networks without changing the subnet configuration.
Designed for Automation
Engineers can configure the firewall filtering function with general automation protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and PROFINET.
Easy Management
The real-time firewall event log provides comprehensive VPN, firewall, and DoS event logs for real-time notification and historical analysis.
Easy Setup
5-step setup wizard Moxa's visually represented web console gives automation engineers an easy way to configure their system, without typing a command line instruction.
One Suite for Every Task
Centralized Network Management Software for Automation

Industrial Network Management Software
Moxa's MXview is a graphical platform that can discover, monitor, and manage SNMP-based devices on your network.
●Auto discovery of network devices and physical connections.
●Event playbavk for quick troubleshooting.
●Color-coded VLAN/IGMP groups and other visualized network data.
Industrial Network Snapshot Tool
Moxa's N-Snap is a standalone utility that collects your network information for quick comparison and troubleshooting.
Optimized Network Design for High Availability
Network interruption prevention, big data transmission, and network management/maintenance are essential for building a reliable industrial automation network. Moxa offers millisecond-level redundancy technologies, high capacity bandwidth, and easy setup and management tools to fulfill the demand for reliable, efficient, smartly designed industrial-grade solutions.

Millisecond-Level Redundancy

  • Turbo Ring for fast Ethernet redundancy under 20 ms with a full 250-switch network load
  • Turbo Chain for flexible and redundant ring expansion reduces cabling costs
  • Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming for seamless wireless connections

High-Capacity Bandwidth

  • GbE and 10GbE 802.11n switching and routing
  • Up to 300 Mbps wireless transmission
  • Up to 500 Mbps router throughput
  • 150 Mbps VPN traffic

Intuitive Setup and Management

  • Intuitive, web-based configuration
  • Visually represented network management with up to 2000 nodes
  • Easy diagnostics with traceable event playback and configuration
  • VLAN and IGMP visualization
  • Designed for automation and IT engineers
Robust Design for Industrial Applications
With a rugged design and the quality needed to strengthen your information infrastructure, Moxa’s products give engineers peace of mind. In addition to fanless construction and wide operating temperature range, Moxa’s products are certified to meet vertical industry requirements and come with a 3 to 5-year warranty.
Highlighted Smart Networking Solutions
Product Selection Table
Model EDR-G903 EDR-G902 EDR-810 New!
Target requirements Dual WAN redundancy Security between WAN and LAN communication
  • Secure router with L2 switching
  • Multiple ports for direct device connections
Interface 2 WANs (Combo); 1 LAN (Combo) 1 WAN (Combo); 1 LAN (RJ45) 1 WAN; 15 LANs
Throughput 40,000 fps 25,000 fps 10,000 fps
Firewall/NAT 512 / 256 policies 256 / 128 policies 256 / 128 policies
VPN 100 IPSec tunnels 50 IPSec tunnels 10 IPSec tunnels
WAN backup Dual WAN - -
DMZ 1 - -

Extra Robust Managed Switches

Extra Robustness

●Superior Level 4 EMS protection
●Advanced thermal fin design
●New DIN-rail mounting kit design resists severe vibration
●Class 1, Div. 2/ATEX Zone 2, DNV, NEMA TS2, EN 50121-4,
IEEE 1613 Class 2 compliant

Extra Robust Managed Switches

Easy-to-Use Experience

●User-friendly interfaces
●Supports EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus TCP for SCADA integration
●Configure 100 switches in 12 minutes with Moxa’s Mxconfig utility
●Auto configuration backup and restore via USB dongle

Extra Robust Managed Switches

Enhanced Security

●Role-based authentication management
●Enhanced log-in access protection

Extra Robust Managed Switches

Energy Efficiency

●Power consumption monitoring for energy usage management
Standard Temp.
(0 to 60°C)
Wide Temp.
(-40 to 75°C)
Port Interface Datasheet
10/100BaseT (x) 100BaseFX Gigabit Ethernet
Multi-Mode, SC Multi-mode, ST Single-mode, SC 10/100/1000BaseT(X)
EDS-510E-3GTXSFP EDS-510E-3GTXSFP-T 7 - - - 3
EDS-518E-4GTXSFP EDS-518E-4GTXSFP-T 14 - - - 4
EDS-518E-MM-SC-4GTXSFP EDS-518E-MM-SC-4GTXSFP-T 12 2 - - 4
EDS-518E-MM-ST-4GTXSFP EDS-518E-MM-ST-4GTXSFP-T 12 - 2 - 4
EDS-518E-SS-SC-4GTXSFP EDS-518E-SS-SC-4GTXSFP-T 12 - - 2 4
Managed Switches
EDS-405A/408A Series
Entry-level 5/8-port managed Ethernet Switches
Standard Temp.
(0 to 60°C)
Wide Temp.
(-40 to 75°C)
Port Interface Datasheet
10/100BaseT (x) 100BaseFX  
Multi-Mode, SC Multi-mode, ST Single-mode, SC  
EDS-405A/408A EDS-405A/408A-T 5/8 - - -
EDS-405A/408A-MM-SC EDS-405A/408A-MM-SC-T 3/6 2 - -
EDS-405A/408A-MM-ST EDS-405A/408A-MM-ST-T 3/6 - 2 -
EDS-405A/408A-SS-SC EDS-405A/408A-SS-SC-T 3/6 - - 2
Unmanaged Switches
EDS-G205-1GTXSFP/G308 Series
Industrial 5/8-port Gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switches
Standard Temp.
(0 to 60°C)
Wide Temp.
(-40 to 75°C)
Port Interface Datasheet
Gigabit Ethernet  
10/100/1000BaseT(X) 100/1000BaseSFP  
EDS-G308 EDS-G308-T 8 -
EDS-G308-2SFP EDS-G308-2SFP-T 6 2

Energize Your Mission-Critical Networks with SmartPoE

Smart Powering

Moxa’s SmartPoE provides various PoE port output modes for different powered devices:

●Standard IEEE 802.3af/at auto detection mode
●High power mode: PoE output up to 36 W
●Forced mode: Forced PoE output (extend powerd device detection range for non-standard devices)
●Legacy PoE device mode: Supports legacy powered devices (e.g., CISCO IP phones)

Energize Your Mission-Critical Networks with SmartPoE

Smart Power Management

To optimize system reliability and economize the system’s power burden, Moxa’s PoE industrial Ethernet switches provide smart power management, including::

●PoE timetabling allows users set a flexible working schedule for each PoE port to reduce the system’s power burden
●Power output threshold cutoff to protect the system
●Real-time messages to report the status of the powered devices through SNMP trap, email, and relay output

Energize Your Mission-Critical Networks with SmartPoE

Smart Power Diagnostics

Moxa’s unique power diagnostic function is able to detect powered device conditions to help you quickly configure powered devices connected to your PoE network. The diagnostic function suggests the best settings and monitors the status of powered devices, saving you a lot of effort on installation and troubleshooting.

●3-steps for getting the best settings and diagnosing powered device conditions
●PoE device failure detection
●Smart PoE LED indicators
DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches
Managed DIN-Rail PoE Switches
Total Ports 7+3G 8+2G 6
PoE Ports 4 8 (PoE+) 4 (PoE+)
Power Input 48 VDC 48 VDC 24/48 VDC
Unmanaged DIN-Rail PoE Switches & Accessories
Total Ports 5 8 6
PoE Ports 4 (PoE+) 4 4 (PoE+)
Power Input 24/48 VDC 48 VDC 24/48 VDC
Full Gigabit v - -
Total Ports 2 2 2 2
PoE Ports 1 (PoE+) 1 (PoE+) 1 1 (PoE input)
Power Input 24/48 VDC 24/48 VDC 48 VDC PoE