Reduce Costs and Save Time

Unlike commercial networks, an industrial IoT network infrastructure must be able to withstand network failures and adverse environmental conditions while ensuring seamless, constant connections to avoid downtime and ensure non-stop production.

Moxa has connected over 40 million devices worldwide, and ensures comprehensive network reliability that overcomes critical environmental challenges. Our devices guarantee maximum uptime and optimal connectivity by offering millisecond-level redundancy, device durability, and defense-in-depth cybersecurity.

After ensuring constant connectivity and reliability, Moxa provides continuous innovation and expertise to help customers integrate complex fieldbus and legacy devices into an Ethernet backbone, and ensures that network deployment, management, and event tracking are made easy through our continuing partnership.

Download our latest application flyer to discover how Moxa's edge-to-core network infrastructures implement a diverse range of industrial IoT applications and achieve reliable communication and automation now and into the future.

Expert Applications

Factory Automation

The factory is the most complicated environment to connect disparate control and process systems. Moxa helps your network infrastructure to connect numerous legacy devices and applications with ease. Our network solutions not only integrate diverse Modbus, EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet, and IEEE 1588 protocols to a network management system, but also to PLCs and SCADA monitoring systems. Designed and developed with industrial-grade reliability, fault-tolerant redundancy, and multi-layer cybersecurity in mind, Moxa's solutions implement SMART benefits for your factory automation.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Moxa has the required expertise to build highly efficient Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) networks to help ITS managers respond quickly to traffic conditions. To overcome long-distance transmission based on your budget and scalability needs, Moxa provides a full range of copper, fiber, WiFi, cellular, DSL, and PoE connectivity to ensure we have a connection for the solution you require. Our solutions offer long-lasting durability and millisecond-level redundancy for stable real-time communications.

Railway Automation

As an IRIS-certified solution provider, Moxa is leading the way in implementing rugged communications between onboard cars, rail side cabinets, and base stations. As a recognized leader in the railway automation industry, Moxa will be taking a seat on the IEC railway committee to keep contributing our experiences and technologies to meet both customer and industry needs regarding safety monitoring and passenger infotainment.

Power Automation

Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches have already been widely adopted in renewable energy, traditional substations, and IEC 61850 digital substations. Our latest PRP/HSR switches help customers migrate RSTP groups of legacy IEDs to zero-time failover networks with amazing cost efficiency in compliance with the IEC 62439-3 standard. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in power networks, Moxa has already helped customers deploy over 300 power automation applications worldwide.

Oil & Gas Automation

Many of Moxa’s Ethernet switches and wireless products comply with Class I Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, and IECEx standards to ensure stability in hazardous locations. Millisecond-level redundancy and wireless roaming are essential to ensure non-stop networking between field RTUs and SCADA hosts. In addition, their sturdy designs, which feature robust metal cases, no fan or heater, high-EMI noise immunity, and fiber optic support, are used to ensure reliability.