Industrial Ethernet Switches

Enhance Network Interoperability and Reliability with Ease

Multi-protocol integration   Plug-n-play for easy installation
Fast booting time (under 10s) Over 200 models available
Fast network recovery (under 20ms)    
Over 200 Models for
precise selection
Core Layer
10GbE Industrial core switches
(ICS series)
Distribution Layer
Industrial high-port-density Ethernet switches
(IKS series, EDS-800/700 series)
Edge Layer
Industrial compact Ethernet switches
(EDS-600/500/400/300/200 series)
Specific Solutions
• M12 Ethernet switches
  (TN-5500 series)
• High EMC resistant
  switches (PT-7000 series)

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches provide optimized performance, efficiency, and flexibility for PLC network systems. These industrial Ethernet switches are compliant with mainstream Ethernet-based protocols- including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, and CC-Link -which account for more than 67% of total industrial automation deployments worldwide. With protocol-enabled interoperability, these switches can be monitored on the SCADA system to enhance manageability of PLC networks.

In addition, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches feature Turbo RingTM and Turbo ChainTM redundancy technologies for fast network recovery (< 20 ms at a 250-switch load) and resilient industrial network operation. These switches also offer 10s fast booting time to avoid the trigger of fault alarms and ensure high network availability.

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches utilize plug-and-play technology to simplify deployment, reduce configuration time, and lower deployment cost. More than 200 models are now available to provide a tailored fit for industrial automation applications.


Industrial Ethernet Switch Solutions

Product Highlights

EDS-405A/408A-EIP / EDS-405A/408A-PN Series
5 and 8 port managed switches with EtherNet/IP or PROFINET enabled
EtherNet/IP or PROFINET enabled by default
Support Turbo Ring/ Turbo Chain
  (recovery time < 20 ms at 250 switches) for network redundancy
EtherNet/IP EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file, custom AOI (Add On
  Instructions) file, and FactoryTalk®  View faceplate included
  (EDS-405A/408A-EIP Series)
PROFINET GSD file, SIMATIC STEP 7 device icons are included
  (EDS-405A/408A-PN Series)
IGMP snooping, QoS, VLAN supported
EDS-608/611/616/619 Series
8, 8+3G,16, 16+3G-port modular managed switches
Up to 19 optical fiber connections
Modular design with 4-port copper/fiber connections
Hot swappable module for continuous operations
Support Turbo Ring/ Turbo Chain
  (recovery time < 20 ms @250 switches) for network redundancy
EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP compliant

Supported Automation Protocols

Protocols Managed Switches
ICS series IKS series EDS-728/828 series
EtherNet/IP V V V
Modbus/TCP V V V
Edge Layer Protocols Managed Switches Unmanaged Switches
EDS-G509/ 518A/
510A/508A /
516A series
408A series
408A-EIP series
408A-PN series
EDS-G308 series EDS-G205 series
EtherNet/IP V V V
V Plug-n-Play
- -
Modbus/TCP V V V V - -
PROFINET Available in Q4, 2013
V Plug-n-Play
- - -
CC-Link IE Field - - - - V V
Specific Solutions Protocols M12 Switches High EMC resistant switches
TN-5510/5518 series TN-5508/5516 series PT-7728 series PT-7528 series PT-7210 series
EtherNet/IP V V V V V
Modbus/TCP V V V V V
PROFINET - - - - -