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Building Optimized Industrial Ethernet Networks

To help our customers embrace the trend of automation network convergence, Moxa presents six areas of networking knowledge that every industrial operator must understand. The following white papers will provide valuable information on how to design optimal network infrastructures, deployment of reliable industrial automation applications, and current industry trends and best practices. These documents emphasize critical considerations of a future-proof, reliable automation network that enable you to drive operational efficiency with lower total cost of ownership.

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Big Bandwidth

Optimizing Industrial Networks for HD IP Surveillance
Modern HD surveillance networks require big bandwidth and must be highly reliable and scalable. This paper will identify key considerations for building a robust HD IP surveillance network, as well as provide an in-depth analysis of an HD IP surveillance network for a high-speed train station in a real world application.


Protecting Industrial Control Systems with Gigabit Performance
An Industrial Control System (ICS) needs the type of network security that takes into consideration its central role in industrial applications. This paper will outline the unique network security requirements of ICS networks, summarize the best practice using a “defense-in-depth” design, and present robust cybersecurity solutions.

Industrial Networking Security Best Practices
Protecting network-enabled industrial control systems from both external and internal threats is critical to preventing costly intellectual property theft and ensuring cybersecurity. This paper will point out five major categories of hacking afflicting today’s industrial control systems, and identify some simple hardware devices and settings that can help protect against these threats.

Industrial-Grade Wireless

Critical Elements of Industrial-Grade Wireless Devices
Most industrial applications require a stable and reliable wireless network that can only be achieved with industrial-grade wireless devices. This paper will discuss the types of protection an industrial-grade wireless device should provide to ensure continuous wireless network communication.

Expert Tips for Planning an Industrial Wireless Network
There are many different Wi-Fi technologies that can be used in industrial applications. The tips presented in this white paper will help ensure that your design is successful when deciding to move from a wired to a wireless infrastructure.

Ultra Reliability

Five Future Challenges for Industrial Switches
According to IMS research, the number of field-level nodes for industrial Ethernet will grow at an average rate of approximately 36%. This paper will discuss how future industrial Ethernet networks at field-level environments can introduce new challenges for industrial switch reliability, bandwidth, security, manageability, and redundancy.

Seamless Interoperability and Integration

Optimizing PLC Network Performance and

The integration of fieldbus segments and industrial Ethernet networks will require the optimization of PLC network performance and manageability. This paper will discuss how three facets of PLC network optimization can ensure high network availability, simplify network monitoring and configuration, and maximize network flexibility.

IT-Friendly Gateway for Optimizing PROFIBUS/PROFINET Automation Networks
One of the biggest advances in industrial manufacturing in recent years is the trend of connecting all devices to one network. This paper will show how gateways can integrate fieldbus devices with PROFINET, as well as leverage IT knowledge to optimize the performance of the connectivity.

Flexible Extension

Extending Ethernet over 2-Wire Copper Networks
Existing copper-wire networks can be a cost-effective alternative to quickly deploy an Ethernet extension. This paper will discuss the factors which can significantly improve network communication and the methods to ensure a stable, reliable, and efficient DSL Ethernet extender deployment.


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