2014 Industrial Ethernet Brochure

A Reliability-Focused Solution Portfolio

The automation industry is accelerating network expansion and convergence to meet emerging opportunities and challenges. To stay ahead of the curve, Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions speed up automation network convergence by constantly improving industry-focused reliability and interoperability. Transcending the boundaries between wired and wireless networks, as well as legacy and modern technologies, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions bring you reliable, low cost, and easy-to-deploy edge-to-core networks for smart applications in harsh conditions.

Automation-Friendly Network Management Swuite

Network Management Suite

You don’t need to be an IT expert to use Moxa’s MXstudio network management suite. Download the full-featured trial version to see how easy it can be to manage your network life cycle.
Easy configuration
Smart visualized monitoring
Easy backup management
Quick diagnostics
3rd party support and collaboration
Extend Cybersecurity Across Entire Network

Extend Cybersecurity Across Entire Network

Moxa facilitates multi-layer cybersecurity to protect your entire infrastructure with a full line of secure routers that deliver up to 500 Mbps firewall and 150 Mbps VPN throughput without raising costs. Download to learn more.
Router/Switch combo for reduced costs
VPN tunnels for secure remote access
Firewalls for critical asset protection
Built-in Modbus TCP packet inspection
Over 12 million Moxa ports deployed in industrial networks

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Moxa’s portfolio of industrial switches deliver both flexibility and reliability with over 500 products ranging from layer 2 and layer 3 switches, to high-density GbE and 10GbE models with millisecond-rated redundancy, easy management and best-in-class interoperability and cybersecurity.
Extend industrial reliability to control rooms
New Gigabit solutions for extreme reliability and productivity
Power up heavy duty IP cameras over Ethernet
Over 12 million Moxa ports deployed in industrial networks
Enjoy reliability and mobility for extreme applications

Industrial Wireless Connectivity

By combining Turbo Roaming, dual-radio redundancy, and GuaranLink technologies, Moxa's wireless solutions guarantee the most mobile and reliable WiFi and cellular connectivity anywhere in harsh outdoor conditions.
Enjoy reliability and mobility for extreme applications
Mini and mighty 802.11n extends productivity anywhere
Industrial 2G/3G reliability and versatility
Optimizing PLC Network Deployment

Optimizing PLC Network Deployment

Moxa's industrial Ethernet gateways enable reliable and seamless fieldbus integration between factory automation networks and the industrial Ethernet backbone for real-time applications.
Best-in-class performance
Advanced efficiency
Maximum flexibility
Legacy Network and Automation Solutions

Legacy Network and Automation Solutions

Moxa’s solutions provide industrial networks with advanced data and video control, monitoring, and communications capabilities. Our automation solutions are compatible with several important industrial standards and application requirements to achieve a reliable and fully converged Ethernet network.
Rugged serial-to-Ethernet connectivity
Extend Ethernet over existing copper wires
Reliable and smart I/O Solutions
Unbeatable 1080P full HD extreme weather IP camera
Leverage Moxa’s five pillars of network reliability to empower your

Moxa's industrial Ethernet portfolio addresses edge-to-core multilayer network deployment. A wide selection of 10GbE, GbE, 802.11n, and PoE+ product lines provides the most comprehensive scalability and future-proof performance.


Designed for automation engineers, MXstudio is a suite of network management software with smart graphical user interfaces that make configuration, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting quick and easy.


Network security is never optional. Integrate cost effective cyber security into your entire network infrastructure with Moxa's multilayer security solutions and multiport router/switch combination devices.


Moxa offers innovative wired and wireless redundancy and seamless roaming technologies that optimize your network designs with superior availability, scalability, and also large savings on deployment time and cost..


All Moxa Ethernet managed switches and gateways support industrial PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus protocols to enable communications across different manufacturing protocols for more sophisticated SCADA applications and lower cost of operation.