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Optimized Industrial Ethernet Solutions

The trend towards Industrial IoT and converged automation are strong forces that are transforming industrial automation networks. Industrial networks are facing a range of critical challenges, and network administrators are demanding smarter solutions to meet those challenges. Moxa presents three future-proof industrial Ethernet solutions designed to maximize your automation network’s system efficiency, uptime, and performance. Take advantage of these new approaches to network manageability, reliability, and performance, and reap the benefits of reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and improved productivity.


Easier Management

Industrial networks are constantly expanding as production machinery is expanded and new network nodes are added. As a result, network complexity and the cost of monitoring and maintaining a large-scale converged automation network are also increasing. Real-time network visibility is now considered an extremely important part of network availability, and Moxa’s MXstudio, an industrial network management suite with smart visualization functionality, makes network configuration, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting quick and easy.

Understand the importance of total network life cycle management and how to overcome network management obstacles and reduce your TCO!

Stronger Networking

To ensure high productivity and non-stop operation, today’s network devices need to be tough enough to withstand severe environmental conditions, including shock, vibration, humidity, voltage spikes, high EMI, and extreme temperatures. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions, including industrial Ethernet switches and industrial wireless AP/bridge/client products, support Moxa’s Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, and Turbo Roaming smart redundancy technologies, and provide higher levels of protection for ESD and surge, enabling a robust infrastructure for your industrial applications.

Learn more about how next generation industrial Ethernet switches and reliable wireless solutions are overcoming the new challenges for network reliability.

Greater Performance

IP-based convergence has led automation networks to migrate to Quad Play services to enable multiple communication applications (video, voice, data, and control data) on a single network. To ensure stable and predictable performance, the network must have increased bandwidth for high-volume data transmission and accurate, real-time control. Moxa’s 10GbE, GbE, 802.11n, and PoE+ solutions address edge-to-core scalability and provide great performance for video surveillance and other bandwidth-hungry applications.

Moxa's big bandwidth application guidebook showcases how leading system builders have successfully met high network requirements in transportation applications.

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