In critical industrial and outdoor wireless applications, the level of availability and reliability is extremely important. A redundant link guarantees that the entire network will always be in service.
Move Freely and Reliably over Wireless Networks
Moxa's new generation AWK-6222, which conforms to the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards, can be configured as an access point, bridge, or client. This outdoor unit features dual independent RF modules with 2.4 or 5 GHz dual-band operation to enhance redundancy and frequency range, and creates the best possible topology. The AWK-6222's unique industrial blend of IP68 rated protection, wide operating temperature, and seamless roaming allows industrial users to achieve ultra-reliable and redundant wireless networks under challenging outdoor, mobile conditions.
Fully Redundant Wireless Networks

The traditional wireless infrastructure includes access points (AP) that connect many clients to a wired network. Since APs and clients are linked by a single-RF connection, if the RF link fails, the system and network behind the client will be disconnected. To get around this problem, the AWK-6222 comes with dual RF modules in a single WLAN device to enable two independent wireless connections using different frequencies to avoid interruptions in data transmission. To maximize wireless and wired network availability in a systemic way, the AWK-6222 incorporates dual Ethernet ports that support IEEE 802.1w RSTP or Moxa's Turbo Ring to form loop-free redundant paths over the wired side of the network.

Reliable Dual-band Wireless Connectivity
The AWK-6222 comes with dual RF channels that allow simultaneous operation of 2.4- and 5-GHz wireless networks to prevent transmission interferences. In addition, the detachable antenna design gives uses the unparalleled flexibility to match the antenna to their application-specific needs in complex RF environments. The user-friendly Moxa WLAN calculator helps you quickly select the best antenna for your application.  
Turbo Roaming for Seamless Mobility
For moving objects, users need an uninterrupted network connection when a client transmits data and moves from one access point to another. The AWK-6222 supports Moxa's proprietary Turbo Roaming with millisecond-level handover time, which ensures seamless mobility while roaming a wireless network.
Rugged Rating for Outdoor Use
The robust construction allows the AWK-6222 to provide a new perspective for wireless signal transmission in tough outdoor environments. The AWK-6222 is housed in an IP68 metal casing with M12 connectors for total protection against dust, water, vibration, and other environmental effects. With an extended temperature range of -40 up to 75°C and dual redundant power inputs, operational reliability is assured. Power distribution in outdoor and remote areas has never been easier. The AWK-6222 is compliant with IEEE 802.3af PoE to add installation flexibility. In addition, this rugged unit provides long-distance transmission of 10 kilometers or more, and the industrially hardened features let you set up a rock-solid WLAN, or extend existing wired networks to outdoor locations.
Proven Industry Standards

EN50155/50121-4 for railway


e/E mark for moving vehicles


Designed for safety-critical applications, the AWK series meets or exceeds a variety of industry standards, such as EN50155 for rolling stock, EN50121-4 for trackside, and e/E-Mark for moving vehicles.
The AWK-6222 is your hassle-free solution whenever you need a high standard of reliable wireless connectivity with redundant link, seamless mobility, and stable operations under extreme outdoor conditions. The application examples include mobile data communication for rolling stock and moving vehicles, as well as a secure data link for crane or forklifts operating in outdoor environments.
White Paper
High Speed Roaming for Better Mobility
Dual RF Wireless Redundancy
Industrial Wireless GuideBook
IEEE 802.11a/b/g Outdoor Dual-RF Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
  • Dual RF design for redundant WLAN connections
  • 2.4 or 5 GHz dual-band operations
  • Turbo roaming for millisecond-level handoffs
  • Industrial grade QoS and VLAN
  • Long-distance wireless transmission over 10 km
  • Rugged metal housing: IP68, DIN-Rail mounting
  • Dual redundant DC inputs and PoE
  • EN50155/50121-4 for railway and e/E mark for moving vehicles
  • AWK-5222
    IEEE 802.11a/b/g Indoor Dual-RF Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
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