Moxa's Industrial Wireless Solutions
Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g
Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
With AWK-4121's weatherproof design, you can cost-effectively set up an outdoor WLAN or extend your wired networks to outdoor critical environments.
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Wireless Serial Connectivity
The NPort W2150 Plus and NPort W2250 Plus are ideal choices for connecting serial devices such as PLCs, meters, and sensors to a wireless LAN.
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Industrial Cellular Solutions
By using the cellular infrastructure, Moxa's OnCell offers a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other solutions that rely on PSTN or fiber optic lines. In addition,  the ioLogik W5340 is designed for cellular remote monitoring and alarm systems, such as automated river monitoring and pipeline monitoring.
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Wireless Embedded Computers
Wireless embedded computers are compact, programmable platforms designed to handle tasks such as device management, protocol conversion, and data collection, and support wireless connections with other devices or systems.
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What is Industrial Wireless?
Wireless technology has been used for commercial applications for a number of years. WiFi/IEEE802.11 standards and cellular GSM and CDMA systems are now widely used in homes or for enterprise applications.
Wireless solutions have many advantages over wired solutions. For example, wireless eliminates wiring costs and increases mobility. Thanks to the development and maturity of wireless technology, industrial applications can now reap the benefits.

The main requirement for nearly all industrial wireless applications is the quality of the communication, which must be tough and reliable. As a leader in industrial device networking, Moxa understands the needs of users and continuously introduces features that help to bridge the gap between commercial wireless and industrial wireless network applications.

Wider Operating Temperatures
Industrial grade wireless devices that operate in tough environments must be able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, making it essential to use products that support a wide operating temperature. Moxa's standard cellular devices operate reliably in a temperature range of -30 to 55°C, or -40 to 75°C for Moxa's AWK series products that support IEEE 802.11.

IP67 Metal Housing
An IP number is used to specify the level of environmental protection provided by enclosures surrounding electronic equipment. The IP number consists of two digits. The first digit refers to protection against solid objects, and the second digit refers to protection against liquids. For example, if the first number is 6 then the enclosure is completely protected against dust, and if the second number is 7 the enclosure protects against the effects of temporary submersion in water. In general, the higher the digit, the better the protection.

DIN-Rail Mountable
DIN-Rail mounting is a common and popular way to install industrial grade devices. Moxa's wireless devices are all DIN-Rail mountable to allow easy installation, and to improve resistance to vibrations; this is especially important for mobile applications such as trains and moving vehicles.

Power Redundancy
Power redundancy is another common requirement for industrial applications. In applications where reliability and redundancy are important, dual power is a must. All of Moxa's wireless devices support power redundancy for greater reliability.
5-year Warranty
All of Moxa's wireless products come with a 5-year warranty, which reflects our commitment to customer service and dedication to producing high quality products.
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