Real Case Study: Steel Industry
Wireless Ladle Transport Crane System for the Steel Industry
At a Glance
Industry: Steel
Region: USA / China
Customer needs:
Distributed wireless network with seamless connectivity
Moxa solutions:
• Master-slave bridge or simple
  mesh network
• Dual RF design
• Turbo Roaming

Project Overview
The steel industry remains an indispensable part of the economy of many countries, including China and the United States. Modern steel plants must operate extremely precisely in order to produce consistent, high quality output. Reliable wireless communication and tracking systems are key components of steel production operationsto reduce maintenance workload, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of accidents. For example, the ladle transfer cars that transport molten steel are a potentially dangerous source of accidents, such as breakouts, that can lead to production interruptions, injuries, and even loss of life. Proper wireless monitoring and control of the ladle transfer cars can help to eliminate these risks.
System Requirements
• Reduce cable maintenance costs
• Prevent data loss to maintain quality of production
• Provide wireless roaming for seamless handover
• Widely distributed network with seamless connectivity
• Provide Level 3 EMS (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility)
• Offer up to 15 Mbps for stable throughput
System Description

For this system, a reliable wireless remote control system can be used to telemetrically connect ladle transfer cars to a central control center. Wireless communications can maintain real-time data access without compromising car mobility. AWK-5222’s are placed every 100 m to form bridge networks along the car tracks in order to create wireless network coverage across the entire plant. Thanks to dual RF channels, the AWK-5222 can easily create redundant or two-way cascade links and form a bridge network by running the same device in both master and slave mode. This optimizes the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each wireless unit while maintaining a throughput rate of up to 25 Mbps. The AWK-5222 nearest the control room links the wireless backbone to Ethernet via an unmanaged EDS-208A switch.

The AWK-6222 is installed as a redundant client in the ladle transfer cars, which connect to the PLC that remotely controls and monitors car location and furnace operating conditions. To connect the ladle transfer car to the wireless backbone, the AWK-6222 units are configured as a redundant AP and linked to AWK-5222 units using an Ethernet cable. The two independent RF modules are used to form a redundant wireless connection between the AP and client, which ensures communications reliability and safe operations. Fast roaming between APs ensures uninterrupted performance across the entire wireless coverage area.

A steel plant is a harsh operating environment that includes dust, smoke, vibration, EMI/noise, and extremely high temperatures. The AWK-6222 overcomes these hazards with an IP68 rating, -40 to 70°C operating temperature range, and level 3 EMS rating.

Moxa Solutions
• Wireless and wired networking
• Redundant wireless technology
• Turbo Roaming for seamless mobility
• Cascade links to form a bridge network with stable throughput
• -40 to 75°C operating temperature, IP68 rating, and high EMC (e.g., EN60950)
Product Offerings
Outdoor Dual RF AP/Bridge/Client
WLAN standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g
Fully redundant solutions:
• Wireless / Ethernet / power redundancy
Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming with multi-SSID
Smooth network traffic
Industrial QoS, VLAN, and up to 54 Mbps
     transfer rate
Interference-free solution:
• 2.4 and/or 5 GHz RF band
     • Level 3 EMS (e.g., EN60950)
     • Robust metal housing
Industrially hardened design:
• IP68 rating, -40 to 75°C operating temperature, and up to 10 km transmission distance
Mounting flexibility: Pole, DIN-Rail, wall mounting
Indoor Dual RF AP/Bridge/Client
EDS-205A series
8-port Rugged Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
• Configurable 10/100BaseTX and 100BaseFX
• -40 to 75°C operating temperature
• Dual redundant 12/24/48 VDC power Inputs
• C1D2/ATEX Zone 2 and DNV/GL ratings
• Slim IP30 aluminum housing
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