Using Industrial Wireless for Fully Automated Crane Systems
Many heavy industries, such as steel refineries, mines, offshore applications, and shipyards, use cranes as part of their daily operations. Given the mobile nature and operating environments of crane applications, installing cabling is often impractical or expensive, and remote control and monitoring systems on cranes may not be able to connect reliably to plant networks. WLAN has thus emerged as an ideal networking alternative that eliminates not only cabling hassles and the maintenance burden, but also provides a reliable means for fully automated crane systems. In addition to the interoperability between new and legacy crane control systems, WLAN offers higher data throughput, more versatile topologies, and a cost-effective deployment with multi-vendor solutions, compared to proprietary radio. The bandwidth advantages further enable the integration of video, voice, and IT systems into one network for future service expansions.
Absolutely Reliable WLAN Communications
The key prerequisites for maximizing crane productivity are safety, reliability, availability, and cost-effectiveness, and you should also ensure that systems are future-proof by designing them to be both flexible and durable. Moxa’s industrial WLAN products are packed with features that guarantee absolutely reliable WLAN connections and operation at the highest standards of efficiency, productivity, and safety for crane automation. Important features include:
Proven interoperability between new and legacy crane systems
Reduced cable installation time and maintenance cost
Smooth data traffic and real time access
Safe and reliable crane control system
No data loss, even in harsh RF environments
Stable throughput for integrated video/voice/data applications
Integration of existing wired and wireless networks
Underground Mines   Steel Industry   Mine Industry
Region: China / USA
Industry: Underground Mines
Customer needs:
Wireless and real-time
connection with full coverage from underground mine to surface control center
Moxa Advantage:
• Wireless redundancy
• Turbo Roaming
• Outdoor rating
• Tailor-made RF band
Industry: Steel
Region: USA / China
Customer needs:
Widely distributed wireless network with seamless connectivity
Moxa Advantage:
• Master-slave bridge or
  simple mesh network
• Dual RF design
• Turbo Roaming
Industry: Mine
Region: USA / China
Customer needs:
Secure data transmission
from material handling PLC to operator’s cab via wireless
Moxa Advantage:
• Dual RF design
• Dustproof and
  waterproof design
• Extended temperature
• Level 3 EMS
White Paper: Using Redundant Wireless for Reliable Heavy Industy Automation
Industrial Wireless Guide Book

Wireless LAN Solutions

AWK-6222 Outdoor Dual RF
AP/ Bridge/Client
AWK-5222 Indoor Dual RF

Wired Ethernet Solutions


Industrial Rugged Unmanaged
Ethernet Switches

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