IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches
Designed for applications which are sensitive to breaks in communication
For basic roaming applications, the clients are responsible for the handovers. The goal of roaming is to allow clients to seamlessly maintain their communications as they move from one access point to another. The emergence of interrupt-sensitive and real-time applications, such as railway automation, has made it more important to achieve fast and secure handoffs with minimal connectivity loss.

Moxa's next generation Turbo Roaming technology together with the WAC-1001 wireless controller dramatically shrinks roaming time down to millisecond-level to overcome connectivity gaps and uphold stringent security in extremely demanding environments.


Faster Roaming with Moxa's Advanced Wireless Controller
Moxa's WAC-1001 wireless controller optimizes Turbo Roaming for the AWK-3121-RS and AWK-4121-RS series to reduce roaming times even further. The WAC-1001 wireless controller, generally located at the on-site cabinet or the control center, shrinks handover time by reducing the time spent on searching for APs, re-association, and re-authentication to a minimum. The WAC-1001 provides efficient, centralized management and control by allowing clients to communicate with multiple APs and achieve a millisecond-level roaming time. This new technology improves hand-over determinism to enable smoother data transmissions for a variety of mobile applications, and is especially well suited for train-to-ground communications.

Controller-based Turbo Roaming for Fast Secure Connectivity
Turbo Roaming's advanced technology delivers high-speed, secure handoffs. The WAC-1001 supports high-level proactive authentication and encryption to ensure your network stays securely connected. To realize smooth handoffs, the wireless client can be pre-authenticated by the wireless controller to allow seamless roaming without re-authentication. This mechanism significantly reduces authentication latency during re-association and thus greatly enhances the speed and reliability of roaming connectivity for delay-sensitive real-time applications.

These products will be available in Q1 of 2011. If you have any inquiries regarding Controller-based Turbo Roaming solutions, we'd love to hear from you.

Supported Products
Advanced Security
Maximum Availability
Automatic configuration back-up
Dual redundant DC power inputs
Faster Handoff Approach
Pre-authentication technology

Industrially Hardened
IP68-rated protection (AWK-4121-RS)
Dual power inputs and PoE for redundancy
-40 to 75°C operating temperature (AWK-4121-RS)
Efficient Network Traffic
QoS (WMM) to prioritize time-sensitive data
VLAN for network segment
EN50155 and EN50121-1/50121-4 compliant for railway applicaitons
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