Proven WLANs for Rail Signaling and Infotainment Systems


Train Station Signaling


Real-time monitoring of track status with redundant WLAN links

Railroad systems rely heavily on an infrastructure of rail signals, track circuits, and switches to make sure that operational safety is always maintained. Any transmission loss in these critical systems can cause serious incidents. In the scenario pictured below, the train station automatically controls and monitors the signaling system and track status through a distributed architecture with fail-safe radio paths. Two dual-RF AWK-6232s are configured as redundant APs and clients, and deployed in each track segment on poles. These AWK-6232s can thus form a redundant AP-client connection to adjacent AWK-6232s on the next segment. This redundant wireless link will reliably deliver all signaling and monitoring data to the base station, giving rail operators real-time control over safety and operational systems from the station.

Train station signaling

Application Requirements

  • Remote monitoring of signalling system and track status using wireless communications
  • Reliable fail-safe wireless networks
  • A distributed network architecture that links to the OCC
  • Minimal wiring and easy maintenance



Moxa's Solutions

  • Redundant wireless connections
    • Dual-RF AWK-6232s can be configured as redundant APs and clients to form a redundant AP-client connection
  • A distributed monitoring network architecture
    • AWK-6232s and IP camera are linked via PoE switches to distribute monitoring data to the train station
  • Certifications
    • Compliant with rail EMC standards for trackside applications