IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches
Integration and Interoperability of Substation Communications
A major challenge in the development of power automation systems is coordinating between the vast array of standards and proprietary protocols for device and system communication. Various control devices, such as protection relays, controllers, switchgears, and RTUs, still use different legacy protocols. Automation systems need to integrate all of these devices, even though they may be using different protocols. IEC 61850 was developed as a standard substation communication protocol, defining all aspects of device communication for better extensibility and interoperability based on Ethernet technology.
Scalable Network Infrastructure
Substation and transportation automation networks can be very large and cover expansive territories. Moxa's PowerTrans rackmount switches satisfy the scalable network requirements from Layer 2 to Layer 3 Ethernet switches.
  The PT-7828 layer 3 Ethernet switch can divide a large-scale network into multiple subnets. Controlling network traffic on different subnets is a great technique for improving the performance of the network.
  The PT-G7509 full Gigabit Ethernet switch offers maximum performance and real-time video, voice, and data transmission via a highly flexible Gigabit port deployment.
  The PT-7728 and PT-7828 support full-fiber configuration with a maximum of 24+4G fiber ports to support long-haul, EMI immunity communications.
  Security is enhanced with built-in support for IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSH.

  Redundancy for Higher Network Availability
PowerTrans rackmount switches provide multiple levels of redundant features:
Media redundancy
Each PowerTrans switch supports the Turbo Ring redundant topology with the world’s fastest recovery time at 20 ms. Standard STP and RSTP protocols are also supported for network redundancy. In addition to single ring structures, Turbo Ring supports multiple ring architectures with coupling functions such as “Ring coupling,” “Dual homing,” and “Dual Ring”.
  Power input redundancy
With dual power inputs that support 24/48 DC and 119/220 AC/DC, PowerTrans switches can remain operational even if one power supply fails or is disconnected.
  Configuration redundancy
The ABC-01 is an optional tool that can automatically save and restore the configuration of a PowerTrans switch. Use the ABC-01 to reduce downtime or to speed up mass configuration for large-scale networks.

IEEE 1588 PTP for Time Synchronization
Electric power providers must synchronize network switches across large-scale distributed power grids to provide smooth power transmission and maintain power supply integrity across various systems exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, dust, and high humidity. Using the IEEE 1588 protocol makes it possible to synchronize—to less than a microsecond—local clocks in sensors and other terminal devices using the same Ethernet network.


Reliability, durability, and longevity are particularly important for power management, and timing accuracy is critical to the operation and maintenance of power grids. Moxa PowerTrans series are capable of running IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol for precise time synchronization of networks.IEEE 1588

  Certified for Industrial Applications
Power substations
PowerTrans has received IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certifications, meeting the high standards of EMI immunity for power substations.
  Traffic control systems
The NEMA TS2 traffic control system standard covers environmental and testing requirements, including guidelines for temperature, humidity, voltage, vibration, and shock.
  Railway control systems
The EN 50155 standard covers electronic equipment used on rolling stock, and EN 50121-4 covers emission and immunity for signaling and telecommunications devices.
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