Network Redundancy

Ethernet network redundancy is essential to today's industrial Ethernet infrastructures, and when a highly integrated system experiences a connection failure, the results are costly and even disastrous. In order to maximize system reliability and uptime during network failures, Moxa industrial managed Ethernet switches support Turbo Ring™ and Turbo Chain™ redundant technology so that your networks run non-stop.   Easy Planning for Redundant Networks
Turbo Ring™
Standard proprietary ring backbone
  Turbo Chain™
• Multiple redundant connections
(unlimited redundant network expansions)
• Extend existing redundant networks

Turbo Ring™
Ring and Media Redundancy
• Constant availability
• Flexible ring topology
• Lower total cost of ownership
Moxa Turbo Ring™ is a proprietary self-healing technology that enables fast fault recovery of under 20 ms (at a full load of 250 switches). Turbo Ring™ supports three topology options—ring coupling, dual-ring, and dual homing—to reduce redundant network cabling and network planning costs and to ensure the high reliability of your industrial network applications.  
Ring Coupling Dual-Ring Dual-Homing
Turbo Chain™
Build Complex Redundant Networks  




• Flexible topology
• Unlimited network expansions

• Fast fault recovery

• Cost-effective configurations
Moxa's Turbo Chain™ is an innovative break-through that allows the creation of multiple redundant networks beyond the current limitations of redundant ring technology. Turbo Chain™ is easy to configure by linking two user-configured end ports within the same segment. Turbo Chain™ easily connects and extends existing redundant networks by enabling high network availability with its self-healing capability (recovery time < 20 ms). In addition, Turbo Chain™ supports standard IEEE 802.1w/D RSTP and STP protocols.

Compared with ring coupling solutions or a network re-design, Moxa Turbo Chain™ is more flexible and cost-efficient and has the potential to save a significant amount on development costs, time, effort, cabling, and Ethernet ports.
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