Application Description  
  Weather stations are widely distributed and located in remote area where land lines are unavailable. The information supplied by these stations is vital to many industries, such as aviation, wind power, and national disaster response. Weather station builders and operators are usually large corporations or governments, who often use their own secured VPN to prevent unauthorized access. Any cellular devices used in these systems must therefore support IPSec encryption to provide enhanced security. Data logging and real-time alarms are also basic requirements for these applications: historical statistics are valuable for predicting seasonal change, and real-time alarms are vital to maintain high situational awareness and deliver early warnings.  
Support IPSec for enterprise-grade VPN.
Onsite or offsite data logging for historical trend analysis
Real-time alarms for early warning
Wide operating temperature range
  Moxa’s Solution  
  Moxa ioLogik W5340-HSDPA is the world’s first 3G remote terminal unit with an operating temperature range of -20 to 70°C. Weather collection stations are often situated in remote places with scorching summer temperatures. A ruggedized RTU is the most basic physical requirement of this system. The ioLogik W5340-HSDPA also supports IPSec, which makes it able to support secure VPN tunnels with central site routers to provide better security. Moxa implements IPSec on the 3G RTU is because VPN encryption requires heavy data transmission. GPRS or 2G networks have insufficient bandwidth to support VPN, but the high bandwidth and faster response time of 3G networks makes them ideal for VPN. For data logging, the ioLogik W5340-HSDPA has an SD card slot that can store up to 1 GB of onsite data logs. The ioLogik also comes with a software package that includes Active OPC Server and DA-center. This free software delivers a direct and real-time feed of information collected onsite to a remote database. The ioLogik software package significantly reduces the cost and time spent on deployment, particularly when it comes to building a web-based monitoring system. With this software package, system builders can focus on building the web application program and let ioLogik and its software package do the rest. The ioLogik W5340-HSDPA also follows its predecessors in providing multiple different real-time alarm types, including SMS, email, SNMP trap, and TCP/UDP.  
Wide -20 to 70°C operating temperature range
Supports IPSec for building secured VPNs
Up to 1 GB of storage for on-site data logs
Supports multiple different real-time alarm types, including SMS, email, SNMP trap, and TCP/UDP
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