Cellular Technology is the Future

Is your device installed in a location where the network is locked down? Finding it difficult or expensive to run copper or fiber wire to a location that needs network connectivity? If you answered yes to the questions above, cellular technology is the solution that will increase your operation’s efficiency and reduce the costs of monitoring remote sites and applications.

Thanks to the migration from GPRS (so-called 2.5G) to HSDPA (so-called 3G or 3.5G) technology, cellular networks can now transmit data with less network latency and more bandwidth. With cellular technology, devices communication over cellular networks is managed by licensed cellular providers. You can save development cost and time by leveraging the cellular providers’ existing infrastructure investments. In addition, cellular networks use restricted, well-defined bands and are more secure compared to WLAN signals.

The Next Generation RTU

New technology delivers the most value when users can quickly and easily put it to work. By utilizing the cellular communication technology, Moxa’s ioLogik 5300 series enables mobile management to receive real-time digital/analog data and video feeds to monitor remote sites. Moxa’s ioLogik 5300 series is a next generation cellular RTU that combines the I/O controller, cellular modem and data logger into one device. The 3-in-one design completely replaces previous solutions for distributed telemetric system monitoring and simplifies the
installation process.

Complete Solutions
Moxa’s ioLogik 5300 cellular RTUs come in complete product solutions for your needs. Depending on the network availability in your area, you can select devices that use either GPRS or HSDPA communications. The same rich feature set is available in a rugged wide temperature model with an operating temperature range of -20 to 70°C for deployment in harsh environments.


Model ioLogik W5312 ioLogik W5340 ioLogik W5340-HSDPA
Category Cellular GPRS RTU Cellular GPRS RTU Cellular HSDPA RTU
Comm. Interface GPRS, 10/100M Ethernet GPRS, 10/100M Ethernet 10/100M Ethernet
I/O Combination 8 DIs, 4 DIOs, 8 DOs 4 AIs, 8 DIOs, 2 Relays 4 AIs, 8 DIOs, 2 Relays
Control Protocol Modbus/TCP, SNMP, OPC Modbus/TCP, SNMP, OPC Modbus/TCP, SNMP, OPC
Local Intelligence Click&Go Click&Go Click&Go
Alarm Function SMS, E-mail, SNMP Traps, TCP/UDP Messaging SMS, E-mail, SNMP Traps, TCP/UDP Messaging SMS, E-mail, SNMP Traps, TCP/UDP Messaging
Wide Temperature Model -40 to 70°C -40 to 70°C -20 to 70°C
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