Designed to Meet Strict Industrial Requirements

Moxa's IKS series is designed for placement in control cabinets of large industrial Ethernet networks, such as intelligent transportation systems, and railway, oil and gas, marine, wind farm, and solar energy applications. Unlike commercial-grade products, which require additional climate control equipment, the IKS works alone to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40 to 75°C. In addition, the IKS works directly with the power systems in the cabinet by supporting redundant 110/220 VAC, 24 VDC, or 48 VDC power inputs. Thanks to its built-in SNMP and remote warning mechanism, you can manage the status of your network through network management software or through onsite PLCs or DCSs.

Most importantly, the IKS ensures a recovery time of less than 20 ms for the entire network! This is achieved through Moxa's proprietary Turbo Ring™ and Turbo Chain™, which ensure a superfast recovery time of less than 20 ms for mission-critical systems. The IKS is the best solution when integrating your control center network and field industrial Ethernet network.

IKS Highlights
Flexible copper/fiber configuration with Gigabit uplink
  Fast redundancy recovery (< 20 ms) for both control centers and field networks
  Industrial redundant power inputs: 24/48 VDC, and 88 to 300 VDC/85 to 264 VAC
  Rugged design for harsh environments: -40 to 75°C operating temp, acid/contaminant-resistant
  Industrially recognized certifications to ensure safe operation (includes DNV/GL, EN50121-4, NEMA TS2, and UL60950)
Fast Recovery (< 20 ms) for both Control Centers and Field Networks
Media redundancy is a key factor for reliable network communications by ensuring quick network reconnection with minimal data loss when a connection fails. Maintaining a highly integrated network with fast media redundancy recovery for the entire infrastructure is often a problematic task for network engineers. Moxa's IKS rackmount managed Ethernet switches solve this issue and uncomplicate things by providing seamless redundant integration--with a recovery time of less than 20 ms. The IKS is equipped with the following redundant technologies:
  Turbo Chain™:
    An innovative self-healing redundant technology (recovery time < 20 ms) that is ideal for creating flexible redundant network topologies and robust network integration by linking the field network to the control network.
  Turbo Ring™:
    A self-healing redundant technology (recovery time < 20 ms with 250 switches) that is capable of providing multiple ring-coupling functions, such as "Ring Coupling," "Dual-homing," and "Dual Ring."
  Standard STP/RSTP redundant protocols
Industrial Redundant Power Inputs: 24/48 VDC or 10/220 VDC/VAC
Small or sudden power failures can result in huge losses, which makes non-stop operation a key criterion for mission-critical applications. All IKS series products support redundant dual power supplies. This means that when the primary power source fails, the back-up source will be activated immediately.
  Isolated redundant power inputs: 24/48 VDC or 110/220 VDC/VAC (88 to 300 VDC/85 to 264 VAC) input voltage (IKS-6726/6324 Series)
  Isolated redundant power inputs: 110/220 VAC input voltage (IKS-6524/6526 Series)
Rugged Design for Harsh Environments
-45 to 75°C Wide Operating Temperature
Typical IT application environments are almost always temperature controlled and kept very clean, and commercial-grade rackmount Ethernet switches are generally designed for placement in clean, climate-controlled environments. In industrial environments however, the temperature can change from very low to very high and have an effect on operations. For this reason, Moxa's IKS rackmount switches are designed for fan-less operation with a wide temperature range of -40 to 75°C to provide superb operational reliability that is perfect for harsh environments.
Resistant to Contaminants
In many industrial applications (such as oil/gas networks), the atmosphere is teaming with potentially hazardous contaminants. With Moxa's IKS rackmount Ethernet switches, this will not be an issue because they are housed in an epoxy-coated and acid resistant metal housing. The IKS is specifically designed to thrive in such environments to ensure the highest level of durability. In addition, the IKS can tolerate certain amounts of non-conductive dust.
Long Operation and Service Life
Commercial-grade switches wither under severe environments and therefore, cannot provide the long operating life required by mission-critical applications. Moxa's IKS is designed with built-in mechanisms that ensure a long operating life, even in critical environments. The IKS has a high MTBF and is backed by a solid 5-year warranty.


Industrial Certifications to Ensure Safe Operation
Each industrial market has its own distinctive requirements and designated certifications, and once these requirements and certifications are met, reliable operation is guaranteed. Moxa engineered the IKS industrial rackmount Ethernet switch series to meet the needs of a variety of applications, including traffic control centers and marine and offshore operations. Moxa's IKS series provides a reliable and open network infrastructure to ensure the highest level of reliability and availability for communications in diverse industrial markets.
  Road traffic control system standard – NEMA TS2
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) established the TS1 standard to define technically adequate and safe traffic control equipment. The TS2 standard was later introduced to address some drawbacks of the original guidelines. NEMA TS2 defines controllers, cabinets, and systems more completely than TS1, promotes better interchangeability, and allows for future expandability. Section 2 contains the environmental and testing  
   Test   NEMA TS2
Temperature -34 to 74°C
Humidity 8 % to 90 % RH, noncondensing
Voltage 120 to 135 VAG @ 57 to 63 Hz
Vibration 0.5 g @ 5 to 30 Hz
Shock 10 G's for 11 ms
requirements, including guidelines for temperature, humidity, voltage, vibration, and shock. IKS series switches are compliant with the NEMA TS2 traffic control system standard.
  Railway along-track standards – EN50121-4
  EN50121-4 defines the emission and immunity of signaling and telecommunication apparatuses. The standard outlines the issues that need to be addressed to ensure that railway electrical systems are integrated successfully.
  Safeguarding life and property in marine environments
  DNV certification establishes the suitability of products for use in maritime and offshore environments. DNV helps the maritime industry manage risks in all phases of a ship's life; DNV certification for devices used as part of maritime and offshore applications is highly coveted. Moxa's rackmount Ethernet switches have obtained DNV and GL certifications, and are being tested for ABS, LR, and NK certifications, verifying their suitability for use in critical maritime workplaces, such as on ships and offshore platforms.
  Safety standard – UL60950-1
  The UL standard represents the European Union's requirements for CE marking. The scope of any safety standard is to establish minimum criteria to reduce the likelihood of injury or damage. All Moxa rackmount Ethernet switches meet UL60950-1 certification.
Industrial vs. Commercial Rackmount Ethernet Switches
Evaluation Factors
Moxa Industrial Rackmount Ethernet Switches
Commercial Rackmount Ethernet Switches
A. Electrical - Surge Levels & EMI/RFI
ESD Enclosure port Contact +/- 8 KV +/- 4 KV
Enclosure port air +/- 15 KV +/- 8 KV
Radiated RFI Standard(RS) Signal ports 35 V/m @ 80~1 GHz 10 V/m @ 80~2  GHz
Surge Signal ports 4 KV CM / 2KV DM 1 KV
D.C power 4 KV CM / 2KV DM 0.5 KV
A.C power 4 KV CM / 2KV DM 2 KV
PF Magnetic Field Enclosure Ports 100 A/m continuous 30 A/m
1000 A/m 1 s to 3s
B. Physical Environment
Low air temperature operation -40°C, 24 hours test & 48 hours cycling test 0°C from datasheet
High air temperature operation +85°C, 24 hours, 95% humidity test & 48 hours cycling test 40°C from datasheet
Low air temperature for storage and transportation -40°C, 16 hours test -40°C from datasheet
High air temperature for storage and transportation +85°C, 20 hours test 70 from datasheet
Stationary vibration 5~500Hz Sine Resonance n/a

half-sine duration: 11ms peak acceleration: 15g

Free fall mass less than 20Kg: 0.9m n/a
C. Longevity
Design life 20-25 years 5-7 years in IT application
Warranty 5 years 1-2 years
D. Performance Testing
100% Burn-in All models undergo a 100% burn-in test Not usually required
Certifications Certified test data per EN60950-1, NEMA TS2, DNV/GL, FCC Part15, CISPR(EN55022) class A Type test datassubmission accepted
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