Certified for Hazardous and Offshore Sites
Oil and gas facilities are faced with the constant risk of explosion and leakage that not only jeopardizes business operations, but also puts human lives in danger. For this reason, equipment and systems used in these settings must be held to rigid standards to guarantee the highest level of security and reliability.

Well aware of the importance of meeting security standards for industrial products, Moxa has designed products that are constructed in strict accordance with globally accepted standards for explosion protection in hazardous locations. Certifications approved include DNV/GL/ABS/LR/NK, UL/cUL Class I, Division 2, and ATEX Zone 2.
Full Protection
Conformal Coating
Environmental Hazards and Ratings
Class I Division 2/ATEX Zone 2
Equipment in a hazardous location where ignitable concentrations of gases, vapors, or liquids are contained (such as a pipeline) must be specially designed and tested to meet Class I Division 2/Zone 2 standards to avoid explosions. Moxa products have been tested for safe and reliable operation in hazardous locations in accordance with strict, internationally recognized UL/cUL Class 1, Division 2, and ATEX Zone 2 standards.  
Models Ports Highlights
Industrial Ethernet Switches
EDS-510A/518A 7+3G, 16+2G ports Managed, Gigabit performance
EDS-505A/508A/516A 5, 8, 16 ports Managed
EDS-405A/408A 5, 8 ports Managed, entry-level
EDS-305/308/309/316 5, 8, 9, 16 ports Unmanaged, advanced
EDS-205A/208A 5, 8 ports Unmanaged, best price-to-performance
EDS-G205/G308 5G, 8G ports Full Gigabit, unmanaged
Industrial Serial Device Servers
NPort IA5150/5250 1, 2 ports Serial-to-Ethernet
Ethernet Fieldbus Gateway
MGate MB3170/3270 1, 2 ports Serial-to-Ethernet
Maritime Certification
Offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms place high demands on their equipment since they are more likely to be exposed to a wide variety of environmental damage, such as salt mist and humidity. For this reason, equipment used in these settings must conform to maritime standards to provide the highest level of onsite security. The maritime standards, which include DNV, GL, ABS, LR, and NK for individual regions, confirm a device’s ability to withstand temperature, humidity, vibration, EMC, and other stresses, as well as its suitability for specific, well-defined classes of marine environments. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet and computing solutions have passed several marine certifications to guarantee the reliable and safe operation of equipment used on ships or offshore sites.  
Models Port/Channel Highlights
Industrial Ethernet Switches (DNV/GL/ABS/LR/NK)
EDS-828 24+4G ports Layer 3, Gigabit, managed, modular
EDS-728 24+4G ports Gigabit, managed, modular
EDS-408A 8 ports Managed, 3 fiber ports
EDS-208A 8 ports Unmanaged
EDS-P510 7+3G ports 4 PoE ports, managed
EDS-G509 9G ports Full Gigabit, managed
EDS-G205 5G ports Full Gigabit, unmanaged
Industrial Serial Device Servers (DNV)
NPort IA5150/5250 1, 2 ports Serial-to-Ethernet
Ethernet Fieldbus Gateway (DNV)
MGate MB3170/3270 1, 2 ports Serial-to-Ethernet
Wireless AP/Bridge/Client (DNV)
AWK-3121   IEEE 802.11a/b/g
Industrial Video Encoder
VPort 351 1-channel Full motion, MJPEG/MPEG4
Embedded Computer (DNV)
V481   X86-based, 8 serial ports, dual LANs, VGA, CompactFlash, USB, audio
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