Industrial Ethernet in Manufacturing Automation

Averaging 1.6 million passengers per day, the Taipei Metro is the busiest transportation system in Taiwan and has become an important factor in the economic status and lifestyle of Taipei. In addition to ensuring that the transportation system runs smoothly and reliably day after day, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation also needed to pay attention to the security and safety of their customers. For this reason, in 2010 the rolling stock IP CCTV system was implemented in Taipei metro cars to record videos and provide drivers with live views.

Unlike legacy analog cameras and DVR systems, the on-board CCTV system on the Nangang-Banqiao-Tucheng Line uses the newest IP CCTV system with IP cameras and network video recorders (NVR). This system enjoys the benefits of an open network architecture, which enables live view and recording of videos not only in the metro trains, but also in remote sites such as stations and Operation and Control Centers (OCC).

System Requirements

Completed IP CCTV system
All onboard equipment needed to be compliant with IEC 60571 and IEC 62236-3-2 (EMC).
Minimum video resolution of 1.3 megapixels
Hardware design must be suitable for installation on a carriage environment

System Description

Taipei's MRT required a high-performance and reliable onboard IP CCTV system able to meet critical EMC, vibration, and physical protection requirements on metro trains, and Moxa's IEC 60571 compliant IP CCTV equipment, including IP cameras, network switches, and NVRs fit the bill.

Moxa provided three kinds of IP cameras for this on-board CCTV system.

VPort 16-M12 Series: Ceiling-mounted, dome-type IP cameras for in-car surveillance
VPort 26A Series: Ceiling-mounted, low-illumination, dome-type IP cameras for surveillance in the engineer's ompartment
VPort P06HC Series: Hidden-type IP camera for the intercom system

All three IP cameras conform to ONVIF™ standards, meet the rugged EMC, temperature, vibration and shock design requirements of IEC 60571, support Full-HD, 1080P (1920 x 1080) resolution for large images, and are equipped with the newest sensor chip for high-quality images. In addition to IP cameras, Moxa also provided customization in the hardware and form factor design based on requirements set by the Taipei MRT for IP cameras that are visible to passengers.

Moxa also provided two NVRs.

V2416: For local in-car video recording
V2616: For video recording, live display, and system management in the engineer's compartment

These NVRs come with a patented anti-vibration kit, two 2.5-inch hard disk trays that have passed the IEC 61373 vibration test, and are hot-swappable for easy and simple hard disk installation and maintenance.

Moxa's TN-5516-8PoE Ethernet switches were deployed throughout the MRT to form an IP-based communications backbone, with IP cameras powered through the switch's PoE ports and bandwidth increased with the switch's port-trunking function.

Business Benefits

Wide selection of IEC 60571 compliant IP cameras, network switches and NVR products to facilitate a reliable onboard surveillance application
Rugged full HD IP cameras guarantee outstanding image quality for CCTV systems.
Fanless hardware design ensures reliable operation on metro trains and a longer MTBF.
Successful reference sites for railway onboard communications around the world

System Diagram

Product Used

Onboard IP Cameras (VPort P16-2MP-M12, VPort P26A-2MP-M12, VPort P06HC-2MP-M12)

Up to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD, 1080P) video resolution
IEC 60571 and IEC 62236-3-2 compliant
ONVIF Porfile S conformance
DynaStream™ supported for maximized network efficiency

Onboard NVRs (V2416, V2616)

Two hot-swappable hard disk trays; passed the IEC 61373 vibration test with 2.5” hard disks
IEC 60571 and IEC 62236-3-2 compliant
ONVIF NVC conformance

Onboard Switch (TN-5516-8PoE-48)

M12 managed Ethernet switch
IEC 60571 and IEC 62236-3-2 compliant
8 PoE ports for powering IP cameras