Industrial Ethernet in Manufacturing Automation


Creating customized video management systems has never been more flexible

CGI Commands

URL Commands are easy-to-use CGI commands used with HTML programming for web systems. Users can acquire video images and control VPort series products from their own customized web pages by embedding these CGI commands into the HTML source code. All of the URL Commands are listed in the VPort CGI command manual.

ActiveX Control SDK

ActiveX Control is an OCX component that uses Microsoft COM technology to enable software components to communicate. ActiveX Control is used widely with platforms that support WIN32, IE Plug-in, and Visual Basic, and is also popular in automation system software, such as SCADA. Moxa ActiveX Control SDK PLUS is a user-friendly, customized tool for programmers that supports versatile parameters for customized viewing, recording, PTZ camera control, event triggering, and recorded video playback.


For some video management applications, the ActiveX control SDK PLUS may not provide users with enough functionality. In this case, users can use the API SDK, which includes a detailed C library, to program their own customized solutions in a Visual C++ or C# environment. The API SDK PLUS includes a total of 4 DLL modules. For the time being, the API SDK PLUS supports the WIN32 platforms.  


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