Enhance Your IP Surveillance System with Industrial-Grade Reliability

As industrial systems continue to be frequently deployed in industrial environments, the demand for an industrial-grade IP surveillance solution that can reliably transmit real-time surveillance images is increasing. This is particularly true for mission-critical applications, such as oil & gas and mining, as well as railway and other intelligent transportation systems (ITS), to ensure safe operations and reliable system management.
IP surveillance solutions installed in mission-critical environments need to overcome a variety of challenges, and require 24/7 real-time operation to facilitate immediate responses if an emergency occurs. An industrial-grade IP surveillance solution that satisfies these requirements is much better equipped to enhance public safety and secure facilities efficiently.

Your Requirements

Moxa’s Added Value

Moxa offers a comprehensive range of industrial-grade IP surveillance solutions to fulfill the requirements of mission-critical applications. We ensure that the key values to make the product suitable for its deployment are always included.

Moxa’s Industrial IP Surveillance Product Portfolio