Moxa’s Cutting-Edge Technologies

Moxa is continuously developing new video technologies that bring additional value to your IP surveillance systems. Our technology excels in three main aspects: optimized image quality for image enhancement, optimized video streaming performance, and intelligent video surveillance.

Optimized Image Quality

Enhanced image quality guaranteeing crystal clear images

Moxa’s groundbreaking iCapTrue technology implements the “seeing is believing” adage by presenting images that are exactly what you would see with your own eyes if you were at the scene. iCapTrue includes an advanced AE (Auto Exposure) and AWB (Auto White Balance) algorithm that automatically detect users’ settings to achieve superior image quality, and can capture all the details across a wide variety of environments and lighting conditions.

Note: For reference only; photo quality will vary depending on environmental conditions.

In certain cases, overexposed images, underexposed images, or abnormal colors could degrade the usefulness of your videos.

With Moxa’s iCapTrue technology, VPort series cameras produce crystal clear images with true color, even under any color temperature and challenging light conditions.

Electronic Image Stabilization: Smooth video guaranteed under turbulent conditions

Moxa’s cameras are equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), which is an image enhancement technology that stabilizes our IP cameras’ image quality. Moxa specializes in developing IP cameras that will be deployed at industrial sites, which often require monitoring over vast areas, or in areas with strong vibrations, like the trackside. To ensure suitability for deployment at industrial sites, the picture quality of our IP cameras contains no distorted images even when monitoring large areas, and there is no reduction in image quality due to vibrations, allowing us to maintain the highest levels of image quality.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Capture scenes clearly with both bright and dark areas

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) displays more vibrant colors when a single image includes both very bright and very dark regions. Most VPort IP cameras have WDR built-in, and this function is even fine-tuned to excel in different environments.

3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR): High performance images with improved noise reduction

3D DNR technology allows cameras to reduce image noise and generate better image quality under low-lux conditions.

Optimized Video Streaming Performance

High quality video guaranteed even when the network bandwidth is limited

Moxa’s CBR Pro™ is an optimized bit rate control technique designed to enhance image quality even when the network bandwidth is limited. CBR Pro™ stabilizes the bit rate and guarantees the system will maintain consistently good video performance even in low-bandwidth environments.

A constant bit rate (CBR) is often used to fix the overall network bandwidth at a targeted bit rate. Unfortunately, this often results in packet loss or dropped frames due to camera motion or other events. Moxa’s CBR Pro™ is designed to provide better image quality by eliminating packet loss and secure your video stream transmission.

Manage your bit rate efficiently

Moxa’s DynaStream™ technology enables users to manage video frame rate based on external events to maximize network system flexibility and efficiency. Users can define which events will be captured using high quality images and under what circumstances a lower picture quality will suffice. This is achieved by increasing the FPS (frames per second) for important events and decreasing the FPS for periods of low activity, allowing optimal bandwidth usage and storage availability without compromising on image quality.