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2010 Moxa Solution Day No. 1
Zheng He's Grand Voyage Tour

Moxa's Solution Day No. 1 is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in industrial networking. At this year's Solution Day, Moxa's market experts will cover the latest trends in the Power, Transportation, and Oil and Gas markets, and examine several real-life applications in detail. We will present the latest applications being used at key sites around the world and will introduce products that provide the most reliable and economical networking solutions. Moxa specializes in interfaces and protocols for industrial communication, industrial grade design, and redundancy for power, networking, and network management.

This year, the great Chinese admiral Zheng He is the inspiration and theme of the event. Exactly 600 years ago, Zheng He's great Chinese armada weighed anchor in Nanjing on the first of seven epic voyages as far west as Africa—almost a century before Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas and Vasco da Gama's in India. During these voyages, he advanced the causes of foreign diplomacy, cultural and economic exchange, maritime exploration, and regional cooperation and peace; Zheng He expanded the borders of the known world and left a lasting legacy:

    A Pioneer and Visionary
    Developed Leading Technology and Knowledge
    Nurtured the Global Economy
    Established Peace and Cooperation

Six centuries later, Moxa follows the legacy and spirit of Zheng He's trailblazing explorations. We follow in the footsteps of his voyages in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Middle East, and further extend the quest to Russia, Australia, Japan, and Korea. Don't miss this year's Moxa No. 1 Solution Day. Be ready to be inspired and surprised to see how the resolve and curiosity of nautical exploration is alive in the year 2010.

  Who should attend?
  Engineers in charge of building network
  infrastructure for mission-critical industries.
  Design engineers
  System integrators
  Third-party developers
  Regional and local media
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