Industrial Grade

What is industrial grade? Moxa builds products to exceed standards of versatility, reliability, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness. Moxa subjects all systems to days of rigorous real-world testing, constantly explores new ways to simplify deployment while expanding capabilities, and then proudly stands behind the outcome with a 3 or 5-year warranty. The result is a product line that’s not merely “industrial grade,” but Real Industrial Grade.
Rugged Design   Wide Operating Temperature


Moxa’s industrial computers are cableless, fanless, and are subjected to rigorous testing to verify their fitness for harsh environments. Moxa’s industrial computers meet industry certifications for ruggedness in specific applications, such as IEC 61850-3 and DNV. We consider excellence an ongoing pursuit, and Moxa constantly develops and implements innovative new technologies for wide operating temperature computing.

  -40 to 75°C Operating Temp.
  -10 to 60°C or
-40 to 75°C Storage Temp.
  120 hr uninterrupted burn-in
Rigorous Chamber Testing:
Forced-convection & Natural-convection thermal chamber to test in real-world conditions
Standard Chamber Testing:
Forced-convection thermal chamber
Dynamic Throttling Technology
Flexible Design   Rich Connectivity


Moxa has over 20 years of experience in device networking. Our abundant experience in computer peripheral solutions is evident in the rich integrated connectivity options of our embedded computers, creating designs that are both widely versatile and expandable.

  Integrated Peripherals:
CAN, Serial, Switch, LAN, DI/DO
  Integrated Peripherals:
Serial, LAN, DI/DO
  Switch Ports
  No Switch Ports
  No Redundancy
  Multiple LANs (2 to 12)
  Multiple LANs (2 to 4)
  CAN + Isolation
Serial Baudrate:
50 bps to 921.6 Kbps
Serial Baudrate:
110 Kbps to 115.2 Kbps
Reliable Design   Quality


Any product is only as good as its components, and Moxa has chosen only the best. IPC providers typically offer warranties of only 1 to 3 years and the average RMA rate is 2%. Moxa confidently guarantees the quality of its industrial computers with a solid 3or 5-year warranty. Our products can boast a longer MTBF and an RMA rate of under 1.5%.

  Fanless and Cableless
  Fans and Cables often used
  5-year Warranty (RISC)
3-year Warranty (x86)
  3-year Warranty
(Extended warranty extra)
  RMA Rate: Under 1.5%
  RMA Rate: Over 2%
Logger MTBF:
x86 W/T Product > 8 years
RISC W/T Product > 13 years
  Certification:DNV, IEC 61850-3
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