About RISC Embedded Computers

Moxa's RISC-based computers offer a powerful computing engine to speed up industrial tasks, such as data acquisition, data computing, and protocol conversion. By embedding pre-configured commands in the computer, the performance of all your indus­trial tasks is enhanced, and system integrators can create embedded applications with less effort and at a lower cost.

Ultra-low Power Consumption
The components of Moxa's embedded computers are specifically chosen to meet industrial-grade demands. To achieve this, Moxa uses a fanless, cableless, hard disk free design to guarantee stable system operation, and generate much less heat.
UC-7122   RISC-based Wallmount Embedded Computer   Consumes 4.1 watts
UC-8410   RISC-based Wallmount Embedded Computer   Consumes 14.5 watts
W315   RISC-based Wireless Embedded Computer   Consumes 4.8 watts
IA260   RISC-based Din-Rail Embedded Computer   Consumes 4.8 watts
EM1220   RISC-based Module   Consumes 2.1 watts
DA-660   RISC-based Rackmount Embedded Computer   Consumes 20 watts
Cableless and Fanless
Moving parts weaken the overall resilience of your system since the number of failure points is increased, and cables and fans also increase the complexity of a hardware device. Moxa's design emphasizes compact-sized, efficient, and elegant architectures that do not rely on cables or fans. Forgoing cables increases vibration tolerance and avoids signal interference. In addition, a fanless design reduces the size, complexity, dust susceptibility, and wear and tear of the device. Instead of taking the easy route by using these two problematic components, Moxa carefully selects device components that generate less heat but still maintain high system performance. The result is a more stable, reliable, and cost effective system that dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership.
Longer MTBF and Lower RMA Rate
  Model Name   UC-7112 Series   W406 Series   IA260 Series
  Platform   RISC   RISC   RISC
  Temperature   0 to 60°C   0 to 60°C   -40 to 75°C
  Failure Rate   6.717319   5.878760   6.880977
  MTBF (hrs)   148980
(13.9 years)
(19.4 years)
(16.6 years)
Moxa's 40 hour burn-in chamber test ensures that our embedded computers enjoy a longer MTBF, which translates into fewer repairs and part replacements, and lowers the overall cost of your industrial systems. In addition, our low RMA rate (under 1.5%) guarantees low maintenance effort and smoother operation.
Compact Design
Moxa's industrial embedded computers have a compact-sized form factor, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor industrial environments, especially at field sites where space is often limited. Moxa has made its mark in the embedded computer market by providing compact computers that are also powerful. In addition, these rugged computers are well-suited for any type of industrial environment.
5-year Warranty
Moxa's embedded computers are backed by a solid 5-year warranty, which is 2.5 times longer than the 2-year warranties that other IPC providers offer. This reflects our confidence in the reliability of our products, even when used in demanding industrial applications.
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