Unrestricted Remote Management for Moxa Embedded Computers
MDM is a Windows PC-based tool developed by Moxa that auto-detects, configures, and manages Moxa's embedded computers in a LAN environment. This tool provides features for configuring IP addresses, managing files, monitoring your computers' memory usage, and helping application developers deploy their programs en masse to a whole army of computers.
Moxa Device Manager (MDM for short) is an easy-to-use remote management tool for managing Moxa's ready-to-run embedded computers over the Internet. Moxa's embedded computers make excellent front-end computers at remote sites for onsite data collection and industrial control applications. Simply put, MDM makes it easy for system administrators to manage remote computers.
MDM Benefits
  • Remote control management
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Command-line-free configuration and maintenance
  • Mobile configuration (for cellular computers)
  • User-friendly GUI

    Open API Library for Easy Development
    MDM includes an API that you can seamlessly integrate with your applications for easy development. With MDM's API function added on, MDM will allow you to control your computers, and also provide developers with a framework to write code to remotely manage Moxa embedded computers. In addition, users will be able to access system information, and handle process management and shell execution with ease.
    What Benefits You Can Get from MDM & MDM API?
    Deliver Greater Value with a Winning Combination: Customer AP + MDM API
    Mass Configuration Tool
    Moxa's Mass Configuration Tool saves time by allowing users to deploy several tasks to Moxa embedded computers simultaneously, and is particularly useful for deploying programs or tasks to a large number of identical devices. Users can configure settings at the control center, and then deploy them to all the computers at once. Mass deployment reduces by at least half the time you would normally spend on system configuration.
    Benefits of Mass Configuration Tool
  • Fast and simple initial configuration (under 15 minutes)
  • Power on then DONE
  • Management reports available
    Rcore Forum
    Now that you are more familiar with Moxa Device Manager Tool, why not share your expertise, ideas, comments, and suggestions about MDM functions by visiting our Rcore Community forum. This open forum gives professionals an outlet for discussing embedded industry-related topics. Visit the Rcore community today to discover what's new and to share your thoughts: http://rcorecommunity.moxa.com/forumContent.aspx?fff=MTA4&ccc=ODk=&page=1

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