Marine ECDIS Color Calibration

All of a ship’s status and navigation systems link back to the bridge. Traditionally, these systems are discrete, but ECDIS is bringing these systems together in a revolutionary way. ECDIS is the perfect example of a disruptive technology, and is destined to forever change maritime navigation for the better. As 2012 comes to an end, fleets from all over the world are preparing to begin ECDIS transition, and finding the correct type-approved ECDIS components is the challenge everyone is looking to overcome. As one of the foremost requirements for ECDIS display, color calibration could play a costly, time consuming role in that search – but it doesn’t have to. Moxa’s breakthrough color technology will let you pair up any of our marine displays with whatever computer you decide best fits your needs, shortening the installation process, speeding up your time-to-market, and increasing your bridge system’s overall reliability and efficiency.

What's the benefit of ECDIS modularization?

The purpose of ECDIS is to integrate discrete components into a single navigational display and control system. The ECDIS transition therefore involves a complex integration process that brings together radar, AIS, wind sensors, displays, gyrocompasses, and more, and when it is taken as part of an overall integration of the entire bridge that consolidation must also account for NMEA, industrial serial interfaces, Ethernet, and communications. Taken together, Moxa’s ECDIS computers and displays provide a simple, complete, all-in-one foundation that amply meets these needs, giving you a convenient platform from which to build full ECDIS and bridge integration.

Can the ECDIS platform be improved?

Moxa has invested a lot of resources into developing a solid, efficient, modular computing and display solution for any bridge application. Our computers offer fully integrated NMEA interfaces alongside an ample array of DVI, VGA, PCI, PCIe, USB, digital I/O, and software-selectable serial interfaces. In addition, our advanced color calibration technology allows us to deliver to our customers displays that are calibrated and ready to run, allowing you to match our display panels to any platform, across any DVI or VGA interface, without any need for further delay.

How does Moxa build reliability?

Moxa’s marine computers and displays are tailor-made for maritime applications. Moxa is the only ECDIS provider who keeps its manufacturing within one company. We are responsible for every component in our products, right from the earliest outset of the design phase on through manufacturing, testing, quality control, and into after-sale service. At Moxa, maintaining a sincere dedication to quality is our foremost concern. To that end, we have implemented checks and reviews to ensure that every device we manufacture is produced the way we intended it, to reliably satisfy your needs in the way you demand. Our ECDIS displays are type-approved and fully compliant with IEC 61174, while our computers exceed the IEC 60945 marine specifications in every important regard. The pairing makes for perfect, proven partners on a ship’s bridge, with high, clearly specified vibration and ESD that have been validated by extensive in-house testing and burn-ins.. Moxa’s marine computers and displays may be trusted to reliably serve and dependably ensure your offshore safety.

Can Moxa build us a custom solution?

Moxa’s Professional Design Service aims to provide customers with tailor-made solutions, with turn-arounds more rapid than any other manufacturer in the industry. In this regard our maritime services are no exception. Our marine computers come with a wide selection of alternate CPUs and interfaces available on demand, and if further modifications are needed then Moxa is ready and willing to work with you. With more than 25 years of experience in industrial networking and automation, Moxa can offer our marine partners the most professional around, as they need them, when they are needed.