What is the Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework?

Moxa’s MIRF (Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework) is a full-stack software framework that simplifies the coding of Multiple-WAN routing applications for wireless computers, speeding up application development processes and significantly shortening custom development times.

Crank Up Rcore Customizations with the Free MIRF Software Bundle

In order to provide commercial-grade multimedia services, system integrators need to develop more value-added software. Unfortunately, open programmable platforms for development may not be readily available.

MIRF software is built on the Rcore application layer. Moxa's Rcore solutions provide flexible and customizable APIs that are easily implemented in existing platforms.

Supports Multiple Heterogenous WANs and Inter-WAN Handoffs

Provides passengers with Wi-Fi convenience even when traveling across wide geographies

QoS and traffic shaping: bandwidth is easily optimized to preclude network bottlenecks

Unbeatable wireless connectivity: stable, reliable, and secure

Intelligent Policy Settings for Configuring WAN Preferences

Pre-defined Policies for Large Bandwidth, Best Signal, or Lowest Cost

Time of Day/Week/Month

Get lower service rates by selecting preferred WANs according to the time of use

Vehicular Speed

Trigger alternate roaming methods to match shifts in vehicular speed


Specify preferred WAN services according to geographic coordinates

Device Connection

Specify a signal stability threshold for network and channel selection using regulated ping intervals

Trigger preferred connections according to signal strength


Full stack, open framework based on an MVC architectural pattern guarantees flexibility and ease of integration

Ready-to-run, with a full library of software and component templates

Easily leverage open source software packages

Easily bundle customer applications

Highly adaptable for both front-end and back-end development