Why Moxa MIRF?


Easy Customization Shortens Lead Times

MIRF provides high flexibility for configuring and customizing utility applications. Based on the MVC framework, MIRF allows users to configure the interface as needed. For example, the Web browsers, SNMP utilities, and console can all be customized for specific needs, and new functions can be easily added.

MIRF also provides an open platform for programmers to perform system development and configuration with less effort. Customization and system establishment can be easily and quickly achieved, making faster time-to-market possible.


Friendly Web-based Configuration UI

The Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework provides an easy-to-use, web-based UI to simplify remote configuration. Intelligent policy settings are just a click-and-go convenience, letting engineers focus on the case-by-case details of customization rather than toilsome, standard routines.

Effortless Set Up

The MIRF configuration wizard allows users to set up devices for the most common networking arrangements quickly, with minimum hassle. Choose from three preconfigured networking topologies, and follow the choices through a simple process that is as close to effortless as network configurations can get.


Moxa’s MIRF computers are modular devices with a 3-in-1 design. They combiine a router, a computer, and a powerful software framework all in a single device. If you are looking for combined router and computing solutions, a single MIRF computer will fulfill your wireless needs. A MIRF computer is a system-level solution that lets you cut costs by bundling router, computer and software costs into one neat package.

Because it's a part of Moxa’s Rcore software platform, MIRF computers allow customers to shorten project lead times by cutting the “Demonstration and Validation” phase into a simple, concise “Development” phase.