DNV Compliant Marine Computers and Switches


Marine Technical Case Studies

This selection of case studies describes practical automation solutions for the marine industries that currently feature Moxa's computers, switches, and displays. These studies explore how Moxa devices are increasingly being adopted by global maritime solution leaders for a wide variety of end uses, both on the open sea and ashore.
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Dynamic Positioning
System (DPS)

   October 15, 2013
Maritime vessels and platforms working in deep ocean waters are able to stay in a single surface location thanks to dynamic positioning systems (DPS). A DPS is constantly sensing, calculating, and adjusting for the effects of water, wind, and wave on a vessel's position, and so require powerful computers capable of rapidly processing large data clusters in real time. In this case study, we discuss why and how Moxa's marine computers are employed in a widely used DPS.
  Marine Dynamic Positioning computer, display Solution

Deep Well Pump System

   August 26, 2013
This technical case study examines the electronic components in a cutting-edge deep well pump system, with particular paid to the main processing computers. It presents a detailed overview of the specific hardware roles that must be filled, showing why Moxa's embedded computers were chosen as key components while also indicating a variety of other Moxa products that may be used to construct similar systems.
  Rugged Marine computer and marine display for vessel deep well pump system
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