EN 50155 Certified Railway NVR Computers


What do you expect from an NVR system?

High capacity, reliability, and affordability.

“The question of data storage has been a major dilemma facing on-board rolling stock video surveillance systems. Video takes up quite a bit of space, but with trains you’re also operating in a high-vibration environment. When it comes to on-board data storage, it used to be that out of the three things you really wanted—high storage capacity, reliability, and affordability—you could only pick two. You couldn’t have it all. Solid state disks can get you the anti-vibration performance you need, but high capacity drives are expensive to obtain. Hard disk drives are affordable at high capacity, but cannot deliver the same degree of reliability. Moxa’s TC-6110 NVR platform makes it possible to get all three, without compromise.”

~ Bee Lee, Managing Director of Moxa’s Industrial Computing Division

What is SafeGuard™ and why do NVR systems need it?

Moxa’s SafeGuard™ technology gives the railway operators unparalleled diagnostic and maintenance control over their onboard computing systems. SafeGuard™ intelligently monitors vibrations and temperature with independent sensors, giving the system operator important data about on-site operational conditions and the probable causes of data corruption. It is even possible for operators to use the G-sensor as a dual-purpose site monitoring tool. A built-in intelligent heater further allows the TC-6110 NVR computer to boot up even in extremely cold conditions.

In Which Application Scenarios You Are?

Whether the train you are maintaining is mainline, mass transit, or freight, Moxa’s TC-6110 computers with SafeGuard™ will fit your onboard computing needs. Different trains have different computing environments, with distinct requirements and problems depending on what market is being served. Click here to see how Moxa’s TC-6110 train computer will fit your network while making operations easier and reducing your maintenance hassles.