EN 50155 Certified Railway NVR Computers

Moxa’s TC-6110 train computers are EN 50155 certified, specifically designed for use on trains. Built around an Intel Atom D525 CPU, the TC-6110 comes with two Gigabit LAN ports, one RS-232 serial port, two USB 2.0 interfaces, and two mini PCIe expansion slots, making the TC-6110 a versatile and powerful solution for train computing applications.
To guarantee high reliability in rail environments, the TC-6110’s Gigabit LAN ports, USB interfaces, and dual power inputs are fit with sturdy M12 connectors. In addition, the expansion modules give flexible integration options. Users can easily add modules for additional data storage, device connectivity via gigabit switches, or wireless cards for Wi-Fi communications.
All TC-6110 computers come with conformal coating, for added protection from dust, vibration, and moisture.

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