UC-8100 Wireless Computer Series

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Quick Facts

Expert Reviewer: Warrell Harries

Application: Railway Wayside Monitoring

Location: United Kingdom

Product Review Q&A

Why did you choose a UC-8100 RISC computer?

  • We required an OTC robust, small footprint, industrial standard embedded Linux device to process data from multiple RS-485 Field units
  • To investigate how much of our software stack can be deployed and configured onto the device without changes to our provisioning system
  • To generate comparative metrics with respect to our internally developed product

For what application did you use the UC-8100 series RISC computer?

I used a Linux Apache MySQL Python application that manages remote railway condition monitoring devices communicating over RS-485. The application generates web-based visualizations of the long term trend data.

What were the most important features of the UC-8100 for this application?

  • Industrial strength reliability
  • Compliant implementation of Debian Linux distribution
  • Ability to revert to factory default configuration

What additional features would you like to see in the UC-8100 series?

The UC-8100 meets our requirements for RS-485/232 but we could use some on-board Digital and Analog I/O capability beyond GPIO

Does the performance of the UC-8100 series RISC computer meet
the needs of your application?


What improvements would you suggest for the UC-8100 series
RISC computer? Why?

More sample applications especially with respect to interface to monitoring equipment