UC-8100 Wireless Computer Series

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Quick Facts

Expert Reviewer: Mustafa Güler

Application: Remote Connection to
                     System Integration Lab

Location: Turkey

Product Review Q&A

Why did you choose a UC-8100 RISC computer?

  • Well-known vendor
  • Connection capabilities (Ethernet, USB, serial)
  • Documentation
  • Debian distribution

For what application did you use the UC-8100 series RISC computer?

In our application, the Moxa UC-8100 is used to remotely connect to a prototype located at our system integration laboratory which is located far away from our offices. Test engineers make their controls on the prototype in the system integration laboratory and inform software engineers of the problems. Software engineers connect to the Moxa UC-8100 and check the system over the Ethernet port of the control unit and console outputs (RS-422 and USB consoles) of all units. The log files of all units can be retrieved over the Ethernet connection. If there is a new version of the software, it will be uploaded to the units over this remote connection.

We are going to extend this remote functionality by adding some scripts to the UC-8100 for automatic retrieval and backup of logs and health information of the units during long test periods.

What were the most important features of the UC-8100 for this application?

  • Dual Ethernet for intra and local networks
  • Serial ports for the units with serial consoles
  • USB port for the units with USB-UART consoles

What additional features would you like to see in the UC-8100 series?

The UC-8100 series is a good fit for our application.
An additional USB port would be nice. This second USB port might have prevent us from using an extra USB hub.
A few additional GPIO might be helpful for some other applications.

Does the performance of the UC-8100 series RISC computer meet the needs of your application?

Yes. The processor speed (1 GHz) is enough for big file transfers over a 10/100 Ethernet bus.

What improvements would you suggest for the UC-8100 series RISC computer? Why?

Terminal software (minicom, cutecom, etc.) can be installed by default. The toolchain is missing on Moxa's support site.
Serial ports can be isolated. We also use isolated USB-UART modules from Moxa. Some other non-isolated ones did not last long.