Industrial Display and Panel Computer Solutions

Rugged Design to Ensure Reliability in Harsh Environments

Wide operating temperature range and fanless design

Wide Operating Temperature Range (-40 to 70ºC)

Moxa's industrial displays and panel computers can operate in a wide temperature range and their fanless design ensures a longer product lifetime. Each device is subjected to rigorous testing to verify that its heat profile performs under extreme industrial environments. They are also tested for reliability in the -40 to 70ºC temperature range and can boot up withing a few minutes at -40ºC.

IP66-Rated Waterproof and Dustproof Front Panel

Dust and water are common in industrial environments. Displays and panel computers deployed in these environments are at a constant risk of the ingress of dust and water, which might slow down their performance or in extreme cases cause a breakdown. With an ingress protection rating of IP66, Moxa’s displays and panel computers are completely protected against dust and the ingress of water from high-pressure water jets.

IP66 waterproof and dustproof
Industry Certification: ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, ABS, DNV

Industry Certification

Moxa’s display and panel computer solutions, are built in accordance with critical industry standards to provide industrial-grade reliability. The standards include ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, ABS, and DNV. Our displays and panel computers undergo a series of tests to ensure compliance with the hundreds of criteria stipulated by these standards to provide you with a high level of performance and reliability.

Advanced Display Technology for User-Friendly Applications

Glove-Friendly Multitouch Screens

To enhance user experience and improve operational efficiency, Moxa has implemented a customized form of the projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology in its displays for smooth and accurate multitouch screen control, even when you are wearing thick industrial-grade gloves. Thanks to Moxa’s glove-friendly touchscreen displays, users no longer need to take off their gloves in harsh industrial environments to perform day-to-day screen operations.

Glove-friendly multitouch screens
Sunlight-readable screens for outdoor or semi-outdoor applications

Sunlight-Readable Screens

One of the critical requirements for displays used in applications such as Marine and Oil & Gas is the ability to see the contents clearly in any light condition, be it direct sunlight, under the glare of intense industrial lighting, or absolute darkness. A difficult-to-read screen could result in costly errors being made, which might lead to downtime in critical systems. Moxa offers both 300-nit (standard configuration) as well as 1000-nit (high brightness) display panels to cater to the requirements of different industrial applications.

SavvyTouch Display Control

Moxa SavvyTouch™ controls are equipped with a proximity switch that lights up the controls on your displays with a mere wave of the hand, making it possible for users to easily adjust the display settings even in absolute darkness. At the same time, SavvyTouch also features an Info button that provides a report on the hardware health, keeping users informed of any failures of power, the motherboard, or system memory. Implemented at the BIOS level, the Info button is a powerful troubleshooting tool for maintenance personnel, specifically when it involves systems that fail to boot up.

SavvyTouch for display control and health monitoring

Add-On Software to Maximize Cost-Performance Value

Color calibration to meet the ECDIS display standard

Display Color Calibration

Colors that an LCD displays can vary with the display's type, brand, settings, and even age. The color temperature and brightness of a display can also change gradually over its lifetime. Some professional users are required to enforce stringent color management in their system displays to keep the colors consistent and to ensure precise display of colors, which can be achieved by color-calibrating the displays. Moxa can confidently guarantee that its displays are accurately tuned for the most precise color calibration, and will satisfactorily fulfill the most exacting ECDIS requirements. In addition, Moxa's type-approved ECDIS panel computers have been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned for accurate display of the colors as specified by IHO S-52 standards for ECDIS displays.

Proactive Monitoring to Minimize Downtime

In an industrial environment, computing systems are often located in unmanned or distant sites making remote maintenance a challenge. Moxa Proactive Monitoring, which is a preventive maintenance utility, can help you monitor the key parts of your panel computers and institute preventive maintenance measures based on pre-defined KPIs that you have set. Proactive Monitoring reduces the costs of remote system maintenance and minimizes system downtime.

Proactive Monitoring to minimize downtime

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