One to Many: Easy Device Configuration for Mass Deployment

Moxa’s patented Click&Go Plus™ front-end control logic makes it extremely easy for even novice users to program Moxa’s data acquisition products. Click&Go Plus™ control logic supports up to 48 rules with further upgrades to 8 conditions/actions. In addition, its graphical user interface provides 3 logic gates and 3 multi-layers, helping you build more powerful and efficient IO solutions. Once you finish setting up your Click&Go Plus™ logic rules, IOxpress’s easy-to-use simulation function can be used to find potential errors in your Click&Go Plus™ rules before uploading them to your online devices. Click&Go Plus supports active alarming and communication methods, including TCP, UDP, SNMP Trap, email, and CGI commands, making it extremely easy to integrate Click&Go with any monitoring system.

IF-THEN-ELSE Easy Logic Programming

IOxpress integrates a user-friendly interface with offline/online configuration, allowing you to configure every I/O parameter offline, and then upload the settings to your online devices, greatly reducing the time and cost needed to manage and configure your IO solutions. RTUxpress is an intuitive, user-friendly offline deployment tool for basic setup, tag management, and configuring services on Moxa’s ioPAC controllers. IOxpress and RTUxpress are provided free of charge, and may be upgraded as required, as new versions become available.

IF Condition THEN/ELSE Action
DO DO Pulse Output
Relay Relay
System Start-Up Relay Counter (Current)
Modbus Host Connection Fail Relay Pulse Output
Schedule Internal Register
Timer Float Internal Register
Remote Action Timer
SMS Data Log
CGI Command FTP Upload
Serial Tag (Boolean/Float/DWORD/WORD) Counter
AI Remote Action
Float Internal Register AO
Virtual Channel SNMP Trap
Internal Register TCP/UDP Message
Relay Counter (Lifetime) E-Mail
Relay Counter (Current) SMS SMS
Counter CGI Command