Your IIoT Applications Made Easy

For many system integrators and engineers, a key challenge in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is achieving robust and secure data transfer from operational technology (OT) devices to IT-based cloud services. Moxa’s ThingsPro® Suite is a software platform designed to simplify the development of data acquisition and remote device management solutions for large-scale IIoT deployments.

The ThingsPro Suite facilitates fast integration of your field devices with the cloud. ThingsPro Gateway is a ready-to-run data acquisition platform for Modbus devices, with LTE connectivity, MQTT communication capabilities, and client interfaces for multiple IIoT cloud services. ThingsPro Server is a device management platform for locating and remotely managing ThingsPro Gateways. The ThingsPro API framework provides a convenient way to build custom applications so that you can expand the reach of your lloT projects.

*The ThingsPro logo and ThingsPro are registered trademarks of Moxa Inc.

Learn How ThingsPro Enables Your IIoT Applications